Thurs 23rd Sept: Happy holiday

Bongo (black puppy on the left) has a new chihuahua "brother"

I know everyone loves to hear about adoptions as much as I do, so I’ll get right down to it with today’s good news:  Bumpy the peke and Bongo the mongrel pup were adopted from Ap Lei Chau, and dachshund Otto (who had to be moved from our Homing Centre due to his habit of barking at passers-by) went home from Tai Po.

Bumpy with his new family

The Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre is really proving to be very popular, and as a concept I think it should be used throughout Hong Kong so that pet shops will become obsolete. So many adopters come to us with the same old story: “I bought a puppy from a pet shop but it died”, but not before they had spent thousands of dollars in vet bills in addition to the thousands paid for the actual sad little life.

Time flies by, and I realised the Tribute Book launch party is only three weeks from today!  It will take place on Thursday, 14th October, and the venue will be announced very soon (sorry, the PR department, ie. volunteers,  control  that side of things).  Actually it’s not a total secret, as we have been sending out volunteer recruitment emails, and I have dropped some very heavy hints over the past couple of weeks including the names of two puppies (now both adopted).   Even though the actual venue might be known by quite a few, I can guarantee that the details will be a surprise, so keep watching for the Facebook and website posting.

Apart from the regular Whiskers’n’Paws puppy adoption party on Sunday, and the Homing Event at Kila (in Central), there is another happening for those of you who already have your (hopefully HKDR) dogs.  Ben and Jerry’s are launching a new flavour icecream at Spiaggia restaurant in Stanley, and free samples of “Cherry Garcia” will be handed out from 3pm – 6pm (if anyone can get from Stanley to Horizon Plaza in double quick time can you bring me some?)

The rest of the family were too shy to have their photo taken with Otto


2 Responses to “Thurs 23rd Sept: Happy holiday”

  1. Rachael Says:

    what’s the book that Otto’s adopter is holding?

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