Weds 22nd Sept: Emergency rescue

It was supposed to be a quiet day.  With Thursday being a public holiday, and Friday being reserved for moving the Lamma dogs to Tai Po (which was postponed on Tuesday due to the heavy rain), I thought I’d better drop off a bunch of dog licenses at AFCD (Pokfulam) for change of ownership details before the puppies got to them. I knew there were some baby pups at AFCD, and much as I really don’t need any more and don’t have space for them either, the option is to leave them to die.  I took along a bag with wheels which I could put the puppies in, knowing that however small and light one puppy is, when you put a whole litter in one container they suddenly weigh a ton.

Of course, there were new surrendered dogs at AFCD when I got there.  A poodle, a schnauzer and a poor, half-bald shih tzu type.  It was hard to tell as its little body was curled in a corner, outside in the rain, its completely hairless tail hanging under the gate and in the gutter.  I lifted the tail and black, tar-like poo was under it.  The dog didn’t move, and was obviously extremely ill.  Previously, when we were at the Pokfulam kennels with a vet clinic directly opposite,  I would have taken a case like that for immediate euthanasia, but all I could do for this poor animal was to ask that the AFCD vet took care of it immediately.  I hope he did.

Now I had a dilemma.  I was there on my own with no van and only one bag. Did I take the poodle, the schnauzer or the puppies?  Tomorrow was a holiday and we’re asked not to go at weekends or holidays, and Friday was out.  I thought the puppies were probably the most urgent case, so I went into their kennel to put them in the bag.  They were scared, and growling and snapping, and I had to make one of those terrible on-the-spot decisions.  I wouldn’t take them.  There are enough happy and friendly dogs that can’t find homes, but these born-wild puppies, however cute (and they are cute) are a risk I wasn’t prepared to take.  They can change and become friendly, but they may also grow into scared adults and I need those like I need a hole in the head.

Louisa liked to put all newcomers in their place

So in the end it was the poodle and the schnauzer who got out, and I took both straight to Ap Lei Chau (it’s so easy now – what a relief!)  The French bulldog, Louisa, gave the schnauzer her usual welcome, that is, a good duffing up, but it was her last as her adopters came shortly afterwards to take her home.  Goodbye Louisa, you funny little girl.

While I was still at the shop, a call came through from one of our volunteers, Heyli, telling me that there was some problem with two of our previously adopted dogs (Brandy and Whiskey, a boxer and golden retriever), and the man was threatening to do something if we didn’t take the dogs away within ten minutes.  What should she do?  I said call the police, and get the van to go and pick the dogs up (they were in the New Territories somewhere).  There followed a string of text messages saying that Kathy and Eddie, another volunteer, had gone to the address but the police either couldn’t, or wouldn’t, force the door open.  Finally and somehow, Kathy and Eddie managed to get the dogs and taken them back to Tai Po (it was evening by now).  From what I can gather from this morning’s updates, the man is supposed to be on medication but he’s stopped taking it, the wife has run to the safety of her parent’s home, and both claim to love the dogs and want them back.  I don’t think that’s going to happen somehow.

Piers: rain, what rain?

Once again our volunteers came to the rescue, when I could do nothing but wonder what was going on and wait for (good) news.  Just like the other night when the typhoon was threatening and volunteer Roni offered to stay overnight at Tai Po to make sure the dogs were OK (and took some great photos to show that they were fine).  What can I say other than I am so immensely grateful and happy to have such a great team of people behind HKDR.  I feel very blessed and lucky.

Midge: please do not disturb ....


5 Responses to “Weds 22nd Sept: Emergency rescue”

  1. .norma Says:

    oh poor Brandy and Whiskey. I remember the two of them… lovely couple!

  2. Cherence Says:

    so sad to hear the shih tzu and the baby pups are let go, but know you have done your best. Just hope there will be less of them needed to be rescued! However happy to hear the Louisa has a home now! It was difficult but at least Brandy and Whisky are saved, it is fortunate that at least he made that call…

  3. Ellen Says:

    Louisa found a home!
    Yippeee… but I will miss her!

  4. Dee Says:

    I am so glad Brandy and Whiskey are fine now. And thankful that no injuries on them. But is it wise to let the wife to have them back?

    Both pictures of Piers and Midge are so cute, sleeping like a baby. So funny with the caption.

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