Fri 24th Sept: The big move happens

Finally, after months of thinking about it and saying I’m going to do it (and then being rained out on Tuesday), six dogs were moved from Lamma to Tai Po.  It wasn’t just a logistical challenge but also emotional, as these are dogs that have been with me since they were puppies, scaredy dogs that have gradually grown to trust me and allow me into their doggie circle.  I knew that they would be scared,  even terrified, during the actual move, and sure enough the crates were full of vomit by the time we got them into the enclosure that would be the dogs’ new home.  They didn’t even want to come out of the security of their crates at first, but eventually they started to explore and I know they’ll settle soon enough. 

Kenzo licking his lips at the thought of his own bed

I’d also taken Kenzo the poodle over to Tai Po for another adoption interview, and finally this time he passed!  I’m happy for him, and I think he’ll do well in his new home.

There were also two puppy adoptions in the morning, one at Tai Po (Dakota, a very pretty black and white pup), and my favourite “black velvet”, Nicola, at Ap Lei Chau.

Pup Dakota adopted

With the success of the Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre and so many big events coming up, it’s an exciting time now for HKDR.  It’s been a difficult year, with the relocation from Pokfulam to Tai Po and the inevitably slow summer months, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of dogs and the massive task of caring for them and trying to get them into homes.  The heat of the summer doesn’t help, but this morning I could feel autumn for the first time, the best time of the year, and ideas are coming in thick and fast from “the team”.

So now we have a new campaign about to launch, not the Tribute Book party or Peak to Fong – although both are going to be massive – but something a little different, promoting a message that’s very important.  And the best thing of all is that we can get this going very quickly.  That’s the joy of being small enough to be able to act on an idea, and just big enough to be able to make it happen.  That’s plus great volunteers of course!


One Response to “Fri 24th Sept: The big move happens”

  1. Stella Says:

    Hi Sally,
    I just bumped into very nice young man in front of my building who introduced me his new, very black tiny cute dog who used to be called as Nicola at HKDR. Nicola seemed quite happy with new dad/brother and already seemed to overcome the city noise. I never met Nicola before but he was the one who made u-turn to say hello to me. Maybe he smelled my HKDR uniform shoes and sensed his doggy friends.

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