Thurs 30th Sept: Could this be the solution?

October 1, 2010

Today’s entry is a bit late not because it’s a holiday morning (no such thing in my house), but because I’ve been reading about something that could be the solution that we’ve all been waiting for: a dog steralisation pill.  According to the article, this pill is harmless (yes, well, I’m never too sure about those claims but still …) and effective.   Can you imagine?  If these were avilable in Hong Kong then all that would be required would be for people to go out into the countryside and feed the stray dogs and – bingo! – no more unwanted puppies!  I feel quite giddy with excitement at the thought.

Coming back down to reality, we had some new dogs join us yesterday from AFCD.  One of them is a young Jack Russell (Mong Kok variety, which means not quite the real thing but a good imitation), who I’m sure will be gone before the weekend is over.  He’s a lovely boy, very energetic of course, so I called him Romper.

There was a surrendered beagle with a huge lump on his shoulder, poor boy. I hope it’s something not too sinister, and he doesn’t seem to be in any pain or discomfort, although having a rock-sized lump must feel very strange.  I called him Humpty (Dumpty), a character that not everyone may be familiar with, but the name was too obvious.  Once the lump is removed nobody will know why he got the name, so it’s not as cruel as it might seem (I hope!)

Then there is Grace, a very sweet doglet, one of the instant tail-waggers that makes choosing them for re-homing a no-brain decision.  She’s a big girl, but beautiful and very loving.

I decided to move one more dog from Lamma to Tai Po to join the other six that wentup there last week.  Tash (Pistachio) is another one of the Nutcase Puppies, and while I thought she would be happy not to have the rest of the group around (she was picked on by the boys), she was very depressed and confused after they left.  Arriving at Tai Po, her crate was carried into the enclosure where her friends were, and by the time I left at the end of the afternoon she was happily running with them.  Even though every one of the group pretended not to recognise me and ran away as though I was the devil himself, I was very pleased to see that they seemed settled and relaxed in their new home. 

This holiday weekend could be a great one for adoptions if all the enquiries are anything to go by.  Nothing is guaranteed to make me feel better than hearing the roll-call of names at the end of a good day, or month (as it’s that time again).  It’s what we’re here for after all.