Weds 29th Sept: Libby’s story

I got a call from the vet at SPCA in the morning.  He wanted to discuss Libby’s case, the young shih tzu girl who came from AFCD and was with us only a very short time before being admitted to hospital with a bad cough.  Libby has been on antibiotics for about three weeks now, with no sign of improvement, so an X-ray was necessary to see what was going on.  Apparently she has what looks like a type of pneumonia which is caused by inhaling something (most likely food) into the lungs.  I think everyone has experienced something “going down the wrong way”, but in Libby’s case the piece of food (or whatever) stayed down and has caused irreparable damage, as well as the ongoing cough and nasal discharge. 

The vet went on to tell me that the prognosis wasn’t good, with only a ten to fifteen percent chance of recovery (with permanent lung damage), and a possibility that Libby could die at any time.  Euthanasia is an option, but I thought about Libby and how I had saved her from AFCD, and that she had only been with us such a short time.  Now she’s spent so long in a hospital cage, and all for what if I give up on her now?  I asked if she could be taken out and put on oral antibiotics, knowing that even getting out of a cage would be a huge improvement and hoping that it would give her a boost and the willpower to fight.  The vet said yes, that was possible, but warned me that any foster would have to understand that Libby could die suddenly and to be prepared for that.  I replied that I knew there were enough kind-hearted people who would take that risk, and agree that giving Libby some happiness, love and comfort was what mattered.  She may even be one of the small percentage who lives to tell the tale, and I want to give her that chance.  She’s only a young dog, maybe three years or so, and I don’t want to give up on her.  Libby already has the offer of a home, so I was right.

Halo as a puppy at Whiskers'n'Paws

I was busy on my computer for a lot of the day, replying to my favourite emails – adoption enquiries.  Now we have some shifting around to do; Helen the pug from Ap Lei Chau to Tai Po, Maxie and Dopey the other way round. Even better, someone enquired about Mina, the funny sharpei girl who is now living on Lamma because of her stubborn refusal to walk on a leash when she was at Pokfulam.  She had so many chances of a home, but nobody could persuade her to accept being attached to a length of rope, so Lamma it was.  I thought about other sharpei types we had at Tai Po until, bingo, I slapped my hand to my forehead (metaphorically), remembering that I have several, if not many, of exactly that right here.  So -hooray – Streaky and Halo will be going for their first adoption interviews soon.  They are both lovely dogs, quite different in personality (Halo being pushy and Streaky being much less obvious), but they share the loving and loyal nature of sharpei (crosses).

Streaky got her name because she has a steak of black on her ear, as though someone dropped some paint on her

I completely forgot yesterday to post the Tribute Book lll Launch details, so here they are.  The event will take place at the Harvey Nichols store in Central, and in addition to the Tribute Book itself we will also have the hot-off-the-press 2011 Cube Calendars and 2011 Diaries on sale.  Harvey Nichols have also produced other HKDR/Harvey Nichols merchandise, so come ready to shop!

You can also pick up your free copy of the Harvey Nichols Post from today at their Central store, featuring a fashion shoot at our HKDR Tai Po Centre.  Our dogs and puppies also got a chance at modelling, so if you want to know who the lucky dogs just head to Harvey Nichols.


3 Responses to “Weds 29th Sept: Libby’s story”

  1. Simon Says:

    Dear Sally,
    May I ask when will Maxie be transferred to Ap Lei Chau? I have just joined the life saver club and would like to visit him again in the near future. Thanks.

  2. Christine Lomax Says:

    Just would like to say, Sally take heart. I’m so glad to be able to give you some hope. Years ago my little shie shu, had food inalation pneumonia. (Food had gone down into her lungs) She was ill for a very long time, but she has pulled throw. She was 5 year old when that happend, she is now 14 years and still going strong. Fingers crossed that Libby is as lucky.

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