Tues 28th Sept: Multi-trips

What a crazy day – again!  By the end of it I felt like I’d pulled through a wringer, even though I hadn’t physically done that much, just had to arrange and coordinate multiple puppies going to various different places.

First: two older puppies, Bossy and Sesame,  went for desexing at SPCA Wanchai, and had to be there for nine o’clock latest.

Second: About fifteen puppies went to Ap Lei Chau (Homing Centre) for vaccinations.  This is a new arrangement with Dr Tony Matthews who will be opening his own clinic very soon, and being able to drop puppies at the Homing Centre rather than having to get them across Hong Kong is a big – no, huge – bonus for me.  No more struggling with crates and taxi, yeah!

Third: Most of the puppies came back to Lamma but the pointer cross litter stayed behind as they had two adoption interviews lined up.  A new washing machine had to be collected on the way.  Washing machines don’t last very long with such a heavy load of towels etc to wash on a non-stop basis.

Fourth: Maria had found a foster home for two of the baby litter at AFCD so I raced to Pokfulam (after spending considerable time with the potential pointer pup adopters) to collect all four of them.  Now that all puppies, regardless of age, have to be microchipped, it’s not as quick as it used to be.  Previously I could run in, grab the pups, sign a form and be gone.  Now every pup has to be registered and chipped before leaving.

Fifth: Got back to Ap Lei Chau with the baby pups and plonked them in the big stainless dog-washing sink while I rooted through the store room for a small crate, food and bedding for the foster.  I’d just got everything organised when the foster couple arrived, so it was all timed quite well.  They chose two of the pups and I was then committed to taking the remaining pair back to Lamma.

Sixth: Bossy and Sesame were collected from Wanchai and taken to Ap Lei Chau to pick up donated towels and the pointer puppies.  ( The potential adopters loved them, but couldn’t decide so all were still there).  The pups had enjoyed their stay, playing with all the new toys, and pooing at least three times each (on newspaper thankfully), so the day had been a constant pick up-and-mop exercise.

Seventh and last: It took two trips with a loaded trolley to get Bossy and Sesame, five pointer pups, two babies, bags of towels and bedding (thank you Alicia!) and dog food to the sampan and loaded on.

Back on Lamma I had to very quickly make some living arrangements for the two baby pups and give them something to eat.  By the time everything had been unpacked and sorted, there was just time to make myself some beans on toast before getting back to work at the computer.  I’d get myself a Blackberry or something if I didn’t have such a bad track record in either losing phones or having them eaten by puppies.  Where does all the time go?


One Response to “Tues 28th Sept: Multi-trips”

  1. madelaine gomez Says:

    I don’t know how you do it, Sally, but it’s a whole big bunch of feathers in your cap.

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