Sun 26th Sept: Various happenings

Sometimes it seems that adoptions aren’t happening, and then I get the happy photos coming in from the various locations and realise that actually dogs are (sometimes) slowly, but also very surely, moving out.

Doglet Twiggy is a hppy girl today

One of the Tai Po doglets, Twiggy, left yesterday for her new Lantau home, and sweet Zoe’s time also finally arrived, something I’m very happy about.

It was very busy today with the regular Whiskers’n’Paws puppy afternoon, another homing day at Kila in Central, and a Ben & Jerry’s free giveway promotion at Spiaggia’s Restaurant in Stanley.  Dogs had to be chosen for each venue, and puppies Chris and Josie were nominated to be “Cherry” and “Garcia” .  I think they did a fine job, but they forgot to bring me any icecream back!

Cherry (Josie) and Garcia (Chris) with the Ben & Jerry's team at Spiaggia

We’re really on a roll now with the upcoming events, and Peak to Fong tickets are already available on-line.  This is THE event of the year, and it’s always a sell-out with an inevitable mad, last minute scramble for tickets in the final few days before the actual event takes place.  If you have a dog, this is an absolute must-take-part party, and even if you don’t it’s a great family day out.   As in previous years, the paper tickets (now available) must be redeemed for the signature Peak to Fong T-shirts before the 28th November so everyone taking part is wearing the T-shirt on the day.  This is important because the T-shirt will be the “ticket” that acts as a pass to the street party and other things (like the goody bag packed with great freebies).  We’ll be announcing the redemption venues very soon, and don’t worry, there will be plenty of easily accessible and convenient locations (which will include our own two HKDR Centres of course).  Tickets are already starting to sell …….

Also now available on-line are the MAD  T-shirts.  Buying one of these will sponsor one dog for desexing, and that’s why we called it Operation Make a Difference.  I don’t know about you, but I love the cartoon image!

I just had to include this great photo of Gypsy and her new friend, Hockey, asleep at Ap Lei Chau after a hard game. 

Gypsy and her new playpal, Hockey, rest after a hard game


4 Responses to “Sun 26th Sept: Various happenings”

  1. Barbara Says:

    The T-Shirst will make great Xmas presents! Barbara

  2. Alison Says:

    that last photo is soooo cute!

  3. hayley Says:

    Is Peak to Fong on Nov 28th? Couldn’t find the date and time here or on the website?

    By the way, I got in touch with you in about July/Aug about a puppy I’d found on Cheung Chau with a gruesome skin condition. She’s tonnes better, seems to be a collie cross of some kind (easier to see now she has hair and stuff!) and we’re keeping her. Amazing what a bottle of shampoo and some love can do.

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