Sat 25th Sept: MAD campaign

Hockey (middle) as a youngster

I decided to try my luck with some puppies at Ap Lei Chau.  Based on the speed at which dogs are being adopted from the Homing Centre there, as well as pup Nicola’s success yesterday, I shipped off a few likely candidates in the morning: Bessie, pointer cross Jilly, fluffy boy Kellogg and Sports Puppy Hockey.  In fact Bessie was by special request as she has a potential home, but the others were just puppies that have special appeal, either for looks or personality.

I don’t know where it came from as both parents were unknown, but all nine of the Sports litter turned out to be the happiest, most outgoing and confident group of puppies ever.  Hockey is the only one left, and you can put him anywhere and he will just get on with having a good time.  So while he was racing round taking advantage of all the toys available, Jilly and Kellogg were rather more subdued and overawed by the situation.

I went over later in the afternoon to pick up those puppies that hadn’t been adopted (ie. all of them), but found that there had been big delivery of (used) quilts, a donation in response to my request for bedding for the dogs.  The boxes were filling up a corner of the shop, so they had to be moved.  I had the choice of taking either puppies or boxes of bedding, but couldn’t manage both.   While I was trying to make up my mind, Hockey was busily engaged in a game with Gypsy and Jilly, who had by then decided to wake up and join in, and Bessie was offered an overnight stay at her potential adopters.  So boxes it was, and I just hope the shop won’t have been destroyed by the morning.  

The new schnauzer, Kettle, was adopted from Ap Lei Chau today, and it was quite a relief as he had started to show his personality.  None of it bad, but he hated to be left behind when any other dog was being taken out for a walk, even if he had just come back from a walk himself, and he would bark at the window.  He loves people and craves affection, so knowing he has gone to a family with children is just perfect.

Looking over the older puppies on Lamma, I realised with shock that quite a few of them must get to the vet for desexing soon, especially the females.  A large number of dogs that have come to us recently, from whichever source, have turned out to be pregnant.  If a dog has been living wild and without much food it may not even show until it’s too late.  One poor girl gave birth not long after arriving at Tai Po, but her pups all died shortly afterwards.  A blessing in a way, as more puppies is the last thing either HKDR or Hong Kong needs.  As both a reminder, and as a fundraising effort to raise money for more vital desexing, we’ve just launched a MAD campaign, mad as in Make a Difference.

Operation Make a Difference will be funded by the purchase of a very special T-shirt which will only be available as part of this campaign.  The price of the T-shirt is $500, the same cost as desexing a (male or female) dog, and order details will be posted very soon.  We think one of these T-shirts would make a great Christmas gift, with a very important message.  I also love the image!

Operation Make a Difference


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