Tues 21st Sept: Plans thwarted again

After weeks of talking about it I had finally fixed today as the date for moving a bunch of puppies-now-adults from Lamma to Tai Po.  I knew it wasn’t going to be easy as this particular group are a timid lot, not too bad with me but hopeless with people they don’t know, and not brave enough to even attempt going for a walk.  I’m moving them because I need the space for puppies, and since they don’t leave the garden area anyway they’ll be happy in one of the large enclosures at Tai Po.  They might even get used to being around strangers. 

This is Mac, one of the "Nutcase Puppies" (full name Macadamia). He's very handsome, and loves attention from me. Now he needs to be socialised

I’d recruited help for this big event, and had the space at Tai Po all lined up – and then the rain came.  I didn’t actually cancel until mid-morning as I was determined that this was going to happen, but in the end I had to postpone.  Friday is now the Big Day.

Things are going really well at the Ap Lei Chau Centre, and our “dog delivery” service is proving to be popular.  This means bringing specific dogs over from Tai Po or Lamma for people to meet, and Eric the basset hound was one such dog.  He’s now in his new home, and about time too.

Very special girl Gypsy is now at Ap Lei Chau. You can't help but smile when you see her. She's just the sweetest, funniest girl.

Trump will move to Ap Lei Chau on Thursday

Thursday looks set to be a good day and yes, we are open at both Tai Po and Ap Lei Chau.  In fact we open every single day of the year, rain or shine.  The dogs need to be fed, watered and medicated, and holidays are the best days for adoptions so we wouldn’t want to miss out.  It’s seeing dogs go to homes that is the reason why volunteers do this work, and certainly it’s my own personal reward.  I’m as eager as anyone to check Facebook for the latest photos of dogs and their new families, or just to see the new dogs.  Even if you’re not a Facebook fan, it’s worth signing up just to be able to see all the news, updates and photos.

I saw this photo on Facebook: Snow leaves for her new home

I’m seriously in need of more bedding for the dogs on Lamma.  Every evening they settle down to rip up the sheets and towels, like some sort of thumb-sucking substitute.   The stuff that doesn’t get shredded by dog teeth is destroyed by the contant washing, so nothing lasts too long.  With all the rain and the necessary frequent change of wet bedding, I realised I’d run out and had nothing in the store room.  So please, if you have any sheets, towels, polyester quilts, rugs – anything washable, send it my way.  You can drop off at either Ap Lei Chau (21 Main Street), or our Tai Po Centre. (No pillows please – they are destroyed in seconds).


2 Responses to “Tues 21st Sept: Plans thwarted again”

  1. Karen Ball Says:


    I follow your blogs regularly and really love what you guys do at HK Dog Rescue, many of my friends and also my Mum have adopted dogs from you, a Husky, a Bull Dog and a Retriever (Bandit). I would like to volunteer but have little time with a full time job but noted your post about needing towels and sheets etc, I will do my best to drop off a load of towels and sheets to your Tai Po centre and at least I can help that way


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