Mon 20th Sept: Caught on the hop

I was very relieved to find that the AFCD dog catchers hadn’t been too succesful over the weekend, and there were also no new surrendered dogs to take from the Pokfulam centre.  There were baby pups, but we have no space for them anywhere, so they’ll have to wait a bit longer.  My only passenger to take to Tai Po was a young adult who had also been waiting for a while, and it was his turn.

On the way to Tai Po we stopped off at the Kowloon SPCA to pick up Garland who had been there for a check-up.  She is doing extremely well, and has clearly totally forgotten that she was ever lost.  She’s grown into a lovely little dog, still small (maybe due to lack of food), but happy and very easygoing.   What a great ending to this particular story.

I have to watch the weather forecast carefully when there is a typhoon lurking, as getting back to Lamma on a sampan (there are no ferries where I live) is touch-and-go as soon as a number three signal is hoisted.  Listening to the news on the radio in the morning, I was pretty confident that I would make it to Tai Po and back before the weather turned bad, and we have, after all, been told that heavy rain and thunderstorms have been due for the past three days without a drop actually falling.

Well not only did I get caught out by the weather, with the news of the number three having gone up just as I arrived at Tai Po, but I had also left my wallet in the bag I take to Whiskers’n’Paws on Sundays. In my hurry to get back home, I jumped into the (hired) van completely forgetting to borrow any cash, and arrived at the sampan point with no money to pay for the journey.  In a panic, I called Alice (at Ap Lei Chau) and asked her to ask the sampan driver if I could borrow two hundred dollars which I could repay once we got to Lamma.  While Alice was trying to talk to the wife of the sampan driver, who didn’t speak Cantonese but some local dialect, I didn’t notice that the sampan was moving away from the land, leaving the van, and all of the dog food I had brought with me, behind.  I can’t imagine what the van driver must have been thinking as I leapt out out the door, jumped on a sampan and disappeared from view, not paying any fare and leaving all my stuff behind.

In the end I did get the cash and was able to persuade the sampan to go back to shore, but I’m sure the van driver is still scratching his head and wondering what on earth went on.

It was a great relief to get back home, and also to know that work on the Tribute Book is finally completed and has gone off to the printers.  Over the past week or so it’s been a mad rush to get everything finalised and to make sure that the book would be ready to meet the deadline  of 14th October, the date of the launch party.  It would be embarrassing to say the least if we had the party and nothing to show.  Now that’s all done and dusted, as is the calendar, so there’s only a few tweaks to be made on the diary and then we’re finished.   All three of these items will be available at the October 14th launch, and actual event details will be sent out very soon.

Eric the basset hound went home today …..


4 Responses to “Mon 20th Sept: Caught on the hop”

  1. Dee Says:

    I hope all the dogs at Tai Po are ok since it was raining heavily last night.

  2. Angie Says:

    Weather Up-dates !!
    Did you know you can hook up with your phone service provider check the monthly charge if any before signing up.
    This service will then text you with the weather updates and Typhoons in the area.
    Would be handy for you as you are a woman on the move every day.
    Keep Safe !

  3. margaret Says:

    “Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) We need lots of towels and bedding please! Quilts and rugs are good too, but only washable items please. Donations can be dropped off at Tai Po or Ap Lei Chau, thank you!”
    Saw this post & I would like to give out some washed & used towels (used to belong to my dogs) at Ap Lei Chau. May I come around 1845 on 22 Sep?


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