Sun 19th Sept: Sod’s Law

I was expecting thunder and rain on Saturday afternoon after listening to the weather forecast in the morning.  I’m glad the HK Observatory got it wrong(again) and it stayed fine for the birthday party, and again today when the air was like sludge and all the puppies wanted to do was hide and sleep, but at least it stayed dry.

I had puppies coming in from various foster homes for the adoption afternoon, so kept the number of Lamma puppies to a minimum.  There is something known as either Murphy’s Law, or Sod’s Law, which means that whatever you do you’ll get it wrong.   I got it wrong.  I brought three pointer cross puppies, two males and a black-and-white female.  What the potential adopter wanted was one of the liver-and-white females.

Someone else came looking for Bessie, and I hadn’t brought her today, and another adopter wanted a brown baby pup while all of the young ones were black.  In frustration I had the missing puppies packed up and put on a sampan from Lamma, and as two of the late arrivals were adopted I suppose it was worth it but it meant that I went home with a full contingent, plus two of the foster pups that were coming back.

Cute Birdie adopted. What took so long?

It was a busy Sunday at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre, a short distance from Whiskers’n’Paws so an easy trip for those who came looking for small-sized dogs and could be re-directed. Birdie and Cherie were adopted, so I sent over poodle Kenzo to replace them.  He’s been on Lamma for some time because he had a yeasty skin infection, but hopefully now that he can be seen he’ll get a real home.

Luckily sweet Cherie didn't have to wait long after her "brother" was adopted the other day

At Tai Po lovely Snow was the lucky dog today, but others who were “interviewed” will be going to new homes very soon.  We do have a policy of not holding dogs, so even if potential adopters like a particular dog and want to adopt in, say, a couple of weeks or a month’s time, we ask that they come back when they’re actually ready to take the dog home.  The Murphy’s Law that I mentioned earlier has too often meant that either adopters have changed their minds and not come back for the dog they reserved, or that the next day someone else has come and wanted the same dog, and immediately.  For the dogs’ sake, we want them to go to homes sooner rather than later, so the first good home that is offered will get the dog.

Ben and Jerry’s best ice cream flavor – Cherry Garcia – comes to Stanley NEXT Sunday!

Enjoy free samples, listen to some Grateful Dead music (featuring the late, eternally great, Jerry Garcia), and meet “Cherry” and “Garcia” – two adorable dogs from HKDR who are looking for their forever home.

 If you already have a dog so won’t need to be visiting any of our adoption venues, here’s something for you to do next Sunday:  come and enjoy free samples of Ben & Jerry’s new icecream flavour Cherry Garcia ….. and meet our four-legged HKDR representatives, the aptly-named (for the day at least) Cherry and Garcia:

Location: Spiaggia – Stanley Main Street (FYI: this is Stanley’s best and most dog-friendly restaurant)

Date: Sunday, 26 September, 3:00-6:00pm


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