Sat 18th Sept: Birthday party

It’s been a very long time since I was last at a childrens’ birthday party, but today I had been invited, along with six puppies, to Whiskers’n’Paws to do just that.  The puppies were just some of the four-legged guests, as dogs had been included in the general invitation, and I think they all had a good time.  I know at least one of them did as he was caught rummaging in the food waste bin several times and I think he ate more than his fair share of leftovers.  Not being family pets as such, my Lamma pups only ever get to eat dog food so the smell and taste of forbidden delights are too tempting for words.

The birthday girls, Maddy and Morgan, has requested donations to HKDR instead of gifts, but I’m glad that many parents chose to give both.  We all ended up happy, and thank you for inviting us and sharing your birthday.

After getting back to Lamma, it was back to work as today was the final deadline for all Tribute Book entries.  I found myself having to write several pages of text during the evening, but that’s the way it always seems to work out.  Deadlines that seem to be months away are suddenly right now, and everything’s a last-minute rush.  I think we have just about all in the bag now for the Tribute Book, as well as the 2011 Calendar and Diary.

Chiclet had his X-rays taken today and they confirmed that his hip was dislocated and he would need surgery.  However, he had almost died during sedation and the anaesthetic for the operation is extremely risky.  Blood tests will have to be done to check his liver and kidney function and adjustments made depending on what they look like.  Chiclet’s nine years old, which isn’t a big deal if you’re a healthy dog that has had proper care since puppyhood, but Chiclet obviously wasn’t one of those.  His condition when he came to us was pretty bad, and he’s probably been fed a poor diet with little, if any, exercise during his life.

Gypsy following surgery on both elbows. The operation was successful but she still has some wrist weakness

Gypsy came back to us from her long-term foster home today, and thanks to Jo Chan for taking such good care of her.  I was thinking of bringing Gypsy back to Lamma but at the last minute decided that she should go to our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre where she will be seen.  She is such a charming doglet, funny and sweet, and still with some slight physical deformities in her wrists but she can still zip up and down the stairs without any problem. 

It was a busy day at Ap Lei Chau with another adoption, not a surprise as young Roland the chihuahua was clearly not going to stay with us for long.  Who needs petshops when you can get such lovely young dogs that are not only already vaccinated and desexed, but also toilet trained?

Quite clearly not a "real" dog

Which reminds me: at the birthday party yesterday I met a woman who had been looking at my puppies the other Sunday.  I had stayed late, until six o’clock, while she tried to decide which puppy to take home, and in the end left without having chosen.  Now it seems her husband wanted a “real” dog, so went to a pet shop and bought a puppy.  I’ll leave it up to you to guess what I was thinking when I heard that, and no prizes for guessing right.

Same puppy as a baby


5 Responses to “Sat 18th Sept: Birthday party”

  1. Kore Fung Says:

    HKDR dogs WERE real dogs at one point of their life. Glad that she did not choose the “not real dog” b/c it would have been a wrong match, at least for her husband.

    • Sally Says:

      The rejects were the fluffy pups (as shown in photo), but yes, you’re absolutely right. If the wife had taken home an non-real dog the husband would have been unhappy. So now he can glow with pride every time he walks his real dog, knowing that he helped keep a breeder in business another day.

  2. suekuok Says:

    I sincerely hope that he’ll be happy with his ‘real dog’ and not discard the poor puppy when he finds there are a whole lot of problems with it later on. For the sake of the ‘real dog’ (not the owner) I pray he/she is healthy.

  3. Abby and Lou Says:

    What a difference between the pictures! A cute puppy and now a gorgeous older puppy!

  4. Sue Says:

    I am always touched by the TLC you provide to all dogs, whether they are healthy or not. Keep up with the good work.

    I believe many people prefer to buy puppies/ dogs from pet shops because they want to show off their status symbol & wealthiness. They don’t care where these poor puppies/ dogs come from & how many caesarean sections these innocent bitches had gone through(i was so upset when I learnt that those bulldogs had multiple caesarean sections). Just like they don’t care how cruel and unnecessary animals are killed for the stupid fur coat industry. I also believe that many people in HK don’t like the idea of having second hand goods – be it cars & furniture. On the other hand when i take my “second hand” dogs out for a walk, many people are impressed that they were surrendered dogs.

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