Fri 17th Sept: One week later

I had to pick two dogs up from the SPCA Wanchai clinic today, as well as taking Frostie, one of Maria’s pups, to have a chest X-ray because of his persistent cough.  There was a last-minute addition to the sick list with Chiclet, a micro-mini Sheltie, who had suddenly become very lame in a back leg.  I suspected a dislocated hip, a very painful thing to have, and surgery is the only option.  X-rays will confirm the problem but the vet agreed that it is likely.

Poor Chiclet, when I first saw him at AFCD he had a big open wound on his back, and this turned out to be a chronic infection which never seemed to heal.  In fact at times his whole back was covered in big sores, and we couldn’t work out why they kept appearing.  Eventually we worked out that his habit of rolling on his back and vigourously rubbing himself on the ground was the cause of all the spontaneous skin ruptures, so at least the mystery was solved.  It tooks many months, though, for him to finally heal. He was moved to Lamma during that period, and while he went to a foster home for a while, he’s never really had any serious interest from adopters.

Frostie had some samples taken from his lungs which will be sent off for testing.  He’s already been on two different antibiotics, and the results will show which type will work best for his chronic cough.  All of the litter came down with a really bad chesty cough as babies, but Frostie just can’t shake it off.

Little Robin had been in for heartworm treatment, two injections in the back, twenty four hours apart.  Now it’s important that he doesn’t get excited or exercised for a month while the dead worms in his heart break down and eventually disappear.  When we first got Robin from AFCD, as one of the dogs that came from a terrible breeding farm he was what could best be described as shell-shocked.  He didn’t really respond to much, if anything.  He wasn’t aggressive, but nor was he friendly.  He’s only a young boy at two years, but he didn’t play or interact at all with other dogs.  It was only in the last couple of weeks that he finally started to act like a normal dog, discovering that playing was fun and life really wasn’t at all bed.  It’s both sad and ironic that now our problem is to try and stop his playfulness, and that’s going to be hard as he has become such a happy little boy that even on his own he can’t stop himself bouncing around.

The other dog that I picked up was Bongo, the sweet puppy that I took to SPCA because he looked so pale.  He has tick fever,  but the Berenil injections are working well and his blood count is on the way up.

Sweet 18-month old Cherie has been left behind

Both Robin and Bongo were dropped off at the Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre, where I was very happy to learn that shih tzu Perry had just been adopted.  It’s sad, though, that his “sister” Cherie couldn’t go with him, as they came from the same home and were very close.  Maybe Perry’s adopters will come back for her, who knows.

It’s only been a week since the Mini Homing Centre opened, but it seems like longer.  As I walked the short distance from the shop to the waterfront to take the sampan ferry over to Aberdeen, I realised that either by chance or just sheer luck we had found the perfect location.  It’s easy to get to, even by public transport including sampans, and the neighbourhood is small and welcoming.  There’s even space to park a car directly outside (and you can have it washed at the carwash next door while you choose a dog!).    I have a feeling that this weekend is going to be busy.

Great news from Tai Po - Willy has finally found a home!


2 Responses to “Fri 17th Sept: One week later”

  1. Pauline Ng Says:

    Dear Sally,

    I am glad to hear that Perry had been adopted but I felt upset as Cherie couldn’t go with him. as coz as they were very close and they came from the same home. Can you try to ask Perry’s adopters for that?

    Hopefully if they can be living together again for a new sweet home.

    Please drop me a line if there is any update, thank you so much.


    • Sally Says:

      Pauline, unfortunately I don’t have the time to notify people individually when dogs have been adopted, but you aren’t by any chance the ex-owner are you?

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