Weds 15th Sept: Garland is caught!

Garland shortly before she went missing

Can you believe it, after running away at the end of April and still only a puppy, Garland (who became Tango when she was adopted), has finally been found.  She has been living in a derelict house on Mount Davis, and is still alive because workmen in the area have been feeding her daily.  Our determined volunteer team, led by Sue, someone who never gives up, spent the day trying to locate and catch Garland after she had been spotted early in the morning at the bottom of Mount Davis Road, and the call went out.  Sue has been looking for Garland since she first ran away, and we knew she was in that area somewhere as we had had several previous sightings of her near the Youth Hostel.

The plan was that Sue (with Emma and Norma) would go to the place where Garland was being fed at the time that she normally appeared, around eleven o’clock.  All went according to plan except that Garland was too nervous for anyone to get close enough to actually catch her.  Sue kept in contact with me and asked if I could get a cage trap from somewhere.  I said yes, but it would take some time and would almost certainly not be done today.  I suggested calling the SPCA Hotline, but because Garland wasn’t injured or in any sort of danger, she wasn’t considered an emergency.

At the time of each call, Sue told me they would be going home and would go back again tomorrow, but then another call would come and Sue was trying something else.  By mid-afternoon, and with Garland still in sight but impossible to get too close to without scaring her off,  it was finally AFCD who responded by sending out a dog catching team.  Being experienced at what they do, it was all over fairly quickly and at around 4.30pm Garland was taken back to the Animal Management Centre in Pokfulam where she is at least safe and can’t escape.  Sue said she’s very scared, but her condition isn’t too bad thanks to her having beed fed regularly.

Garland even younger

So Garland is finally back, and it’s thanks to Amanda, who first spotted her, Sue, Emma and Norma who rushed to the scene,  the AFCD team who immediately responded to a call for help, and the workmen who kept Garland alive by sharing their food.  I’ll be at AFCD on Thursday to check on Garland and her physical and mental condition, and to take some photos (as I’m sure everyone wants to see them).

The rest of the day seemed rather tame in comparison.  I passed by the Ap Lei Chau shop later in the day to drop off some laundry I’d brought back to Lamma, and to see how the dogs were doing.  There was a new “recruit” in the shape of a young chihuahua boy, our first surrender (do we celebrate?).  Actually, it wasn’t a real surrender, but a dog that had been rescued from an unpleasant situation and looked after by the person who brought him in.  She’s now leaving Hong Kong so asked if we could take the dog, and as a very sweet, young and healthy little boy I’m pretty sure he’ll be easy to find a home for.

One of the dachshunds has taken to barking at passers-by who dare to look into “his” home, so it’s  back to Tai Po for Otto (or is it Fritz?) tomorrow.  Well, both of them will go, as they’re very attached to each other and it would be unfair to split them up unnecessarily.  They were happy enough at Tai Po anyway, so it’s not a demotion as such, just a move back.  Their place will be taken by Libby the shih tzu probably.


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