Tues 14th Sept: Garland is spotted!

Garland just before she was adopted at the end of April

There was great excitement today when runaway puppy Garland was positively identified, and even caught for a few seconds before she struggled free and ran off again.  Garland was adopted in April, and she ran off when the helper who was walking her let her off the leash (too soon after adoption).  We had heard that she was living near the Youth Hostel at the top of Mount Davis, but I have to admit I was sceptical about her even being alive.  How would a puppy survive in the wild, especially one who had been taken care of since coming to HKDR as a very young baby?  Happily I was wrong, and although Garland is thin, she has been fed by some workmen for the past month or so and comes every morning to get food.  That is the perfect time to try and catch her and a small team will be heading out on Wednesday to do just that.  I hope there will be good news posted later in the day.

Whitey is a big dog with short legs, so I think that makes him medium sized

I did my first stint at Ap Lei Chau in the afternoon while Alice and other volunteers took the three new dogs to the vet for their check-ups and vaccinations.  The miniature French bulldog has already changed from a scared little thing to a happy and playful girl, and she was busy wrestling with Whitey when I arrived.  Emma and Whitey have also become playmates since moving to Ap Lei Chau, although their mad moments don’t go down too well with pug Cookie.  All in all, the dogs appear to be very happy in their new (hopefully very temporary) home, and even pull to get back when taken out for walks.

We now have a phone at the Centre,  so adopters and volunteers can now dial 34800061 and get a response!  The instructions in the box were very useful and I’m glad I took the time to read them.  Answering a call: pick up the receiver and talk.  Ending a call: replace reciever.

There were a few calls to answer today about various dogs that were at the SPCA Wanchai clinic.  Robin, the little Maltese/terrier cross that was one of the Ma On Shan cruelty case rescues, went in for his heartworm treatment and will have to stay a day or so to make sure he doesn’t have a bad reaction.  Occasionally the treatment can be as dangerous as the heartworm infection istelf, and care has to be taken in the month following the injections.  If you have the time it’s possible to treat the problem gradually, but we need to get Robin fit and healthy in the shortest possible time so he can go to a new home.  He’s a lovely little dog, and after his awful previous life we want the best for him.

The sweet shih tzu girl, Libby, hasn’t been well and was taken for a check-up. Often it’s just the immense stress of being abandoned (Libby was surrendered to AFCD) that results in dogs falling sick soon after they arrive, and this seems to be the case with Libby.  Hopefully she will be back on her feet very soon, and she can go to Ap Lei Chau to recover in comfort.

Another case that the vet called me about was Bernie, the Pyrenean Mountain dog who was left behind in an apartment when his owners moved out, and who is currently in foster.  He’s an old boy, and these very large breeds don’t have a long life span at the best of times. Bernie has had some ongoing health problems and he was back for further tests. It’s not looking too good for him unfortunately, and although there are further results still to some back it doesn’t look as though Bernie has anything that medical science can help with. 

I found this photo posted on Facebook this morning.  It was taken at the opening party last Friday evening, and by chance we found out it was also Mark’s birthday.  I don’t know if the tradition of giving someone “the bumps” on their birthday is just a British one, but as Mark is English and so am I, he got them!  It did take a few of us to lift him, but we managed ……

All together now .... one, two .... lift!


4 Responses to “Tues 14th Sept: Garland is spotted!”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Great news about Garland!

    You BUMPED Mark!!
    Er..WOW…. (impressed)

    Sally, not sure, but your shoulder looks like it’s coming out it’s socket with the strain!!!!!

  2. Norma Says:

    No easy task!!!!!!!!

  3. Christine Says:

    Hi Sally, how is Tempo? I haven’t been to Tai Po last week end. Has he been back to Tai Po yet?

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