Sun 12th Sept: Another rainy Sunday

One of the pointer cross litter. They come in tricolour, black/white and liver/white

Although the heavy rain that came and went throughout the day meant only one puppy adoption at Whiskers’n’Paws, the dry interludes were sufficient to give the pups a good time playing their favourite game of chase.  It makes me laugh every time, as the stream of fur flies by at top speed, always in a well-ordered line.  One of the pointers was the leader today, and why these gorgeous pups haven’t all been adopted is a mystery to me.  They’re as sweet-natured as they are beautiful, and they’re growing fast.

Many of the visitors today had also stopped at our Mini Homing Centre at 21 Main Street to have a look at the new space.  It’s going to take time to iron out all the wrinkles and to completely finish everything (we still don’t have a computer and all the necessary gadgets yet), but it’s functional and the dogs seem to like it.

Emma (right) as a puppy at Whiskers'n'Paws. She's still quite a small dog, and very sweet

Saturday was the first time that dogs spent the night in their “bedrooms” upstairs, and when I checked with Alice in the morning she told me that Emma and Whitey had got out of their room and gone downstairs.  Emma, being only a doglet, had helped herself to toys so was obviously very pleased with the new arrangements.  I spotted one of them in a photo of Birdie that was later posted on Facebook (below).

Birdie and one of the stolen toys

Quite why Birdie is still with us is a total mystery, as she’s everything people ask for in small dog.  As a pug/chihuahua cross she’s tiny, cute, funny, playful, young and healthy.  Everyone wants to pick her up and give her a cuddle (which she loves), but she’s still with us.

Squeaky snuggles into Sandy at every opportunity

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my little pup, Squeaky, wasn’t well, but by the evening he’d perked up and tucked into his dinner with the others.  He’s completely in love with his foster mother, Sandy, and whenever she’s upstairs you can be sure Squeaky will be curled up with her.  Sandy has fostered many pups in her time here on Lamma, and she was a mother for real before being surrendered to AFCD along with all of her family.  She’s been with me for a few years now, and she is the most amazing little dog.  The big dogs adore her almost as much as I do.

With the opening of Ap Lei Chau and Alice’s move from Tai Po to run the new Homing Centre, we are really in need of help at Tai Po.  If anyone is willing to support Quene with the adoptions, please let me know.  There’s so much going on there every day, and we need volunteers for anything and everything, not only dog walking (though that’s very important).  We have dogs that need to be take to the vet just about every day, and they need to be accompanied by a volunteer.  We need someone to help keep the stock and stockroom in order.  We need help with giving medication to dogs that need it (twice a day).  The longer-haired dogs need washing and grooming, especially the small ones.  With the start of the many fairs and events leading up to Christmas, we also need help to man the stalls. If you can help in any way please email me (, Isobel (, or Kathryn (  Remember, HKDR is almost entirely run and staffed by volunteers, meaning that more money can go directly towards helping the dogs.


One Response to “Sun 12th Sept: Another rainy Sunday”

  1. Alison Says:

    If I hadn’t of met my Noodles that adoption day I probably would of wanted to take home Birdie, she was sooooo cute and lovable! I really really cannot believe she is still there 2 weeks on !

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