Fri 10th Sept: Ap Lei Chau opening

Cutting the ribbon: Angeli Woo, Vada Chung, Mr Chan, me and Alice (with Susan holding one end)

All the focus of today was on the evening’s opening party for our mini Homing Centre at 21 Main Street, Ap Lei Chau.  When I first looked at the space it was  black throughout with mould growing everywhere, but the potential was still clear.  Knock down that wall, replace the (ugh!) entire washroom, paint everything and ….. install some dogs.  We didn’t have the dogs there for the opening because of the Lion Dance and the noise, but they will be in place by Saturday morning, ready to meet and greet potential adopters and customers.

The dogs will spend the day downstairs so they can run around and be seen, and they will also have their own “bedrooms” upstairs.

Custom-made "bedrooms" for each dog

Apart from having dogs there for adoption, the shop will also carry a full range of HKDR merchandise, Hills dog food and other pet accessories (bed, bowls, toys, collars and leashes etc).

The HKDR team outside the new mini Homing Centre

Of course the main Homing Centre and home for the dogs remains at Tai Po, so please don’t forget that they are there, ready and waiting for walks and love and, most importantly, a home.

Kathy eventually made it

Kathy was busy up at Tai Po all day and arrived late, but better than never.  She had been over to AFCD Sheung Shui to collect some dogs that were ready for release, including two labradors, one only nine months old, and yet another German shepherd.  I’m sure the labradors will find homes very quickly – they always do – but for every lab that’s adopted it takes the place of a possible home for one of our multibreeds.

It had already started to rain when I left Ap Lei Chau, but it’s only a very short walk from the shop to the waterfront where the sampans “park”, one of the joys (for me) of having a centre there.  Later, however, as I’m sure everyones knows, it was like an action replay of the other night with thunder, lightning and very heavy rain. 
There was a bonus in it for me though, because I had been trying to get an escaped dog in for the past couple of days (he had taken advantage of a hole dug under the fence by others), and he had refused to cooperate.  It wasn’t that he didn’t want to come in, it’s that he is the most timid dog I have ever known.  Although I’ve had Woody since he was a puppy, I actually think he’s a bit brain damaged and he is so scared of me (and others) that he can hardly stand to be in the same room.  He does, however, respond to the routines that have been established, such as coming in when called in the evening and hurrying into his crate where he is fed. 
Being outside (the fence) was something that was so unfamiliar to him he didn’t know what to do or how to cope, and although several times he’d been close to the open gate and almost came in, he backed off at the last moment.  So when the rain and thunder was at its worst, I got out of bed and went outside, guessing that Woody would be wanting to come in.  Sure enough, this time when I opened that gate he streaked in, and was happy to be back home, safe and dry.

6 Responses to “Fri 10th Sept: Ap Lei Chau opening”

  1. jerry Says:

    what a happy looking shop —–looking forward to a time when Homing Centres will replace pet shops

  2. Norma Says:

    Glad that you managed to get Woody back safely. Poor boy!

  3. Marie Says:

    coooooool! the ALC centre looks amazing!!! wow!!

  4. Doris Says:


    You are so right. Hopefully HKDR homing centres will become a brand name chained stores for getting pets and replacing all these disgusting pet shops. Let’s all support Sally and work on that.

  5. Ellen Says:

    Hey, we want the photo of the dog rooms with the “dogs” in it….. especially one one with the DIVA toy in her mouth….

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