Thurs 9th Sept: I love mongrels!

The new shelves I put into place yesterday are already proving to be a hit with the puppies.  As I’m typing this, two of them are fast asleep on the bottom shelf, happy to have found a ready-made bed which is close to me. I would take a photo but they’re black, and it’s dark in there.  I don’t think it will take long for those sharp puppy teeth to be working their way into the wood, but as long as the equipment on top stays out of reach that’s fine.

Following hot on the heels of Beefy’s adoption, another Tai Po celebrity left for her new home yesterday.  Tai Tai and Po Po were picked up as puppies the day after we moved into our new site, and now both have been adopted.  Unfortunately their mother has almost certainly had another litter by now, as she was spotted heavily pregnant recently.  We’ve tried several times to catch her but she is too wily for that.  It’s the never-ending cycle that will continue until the poor mother is too worn out, but by then she will have produced a lot of puppies.

I picked up yet more puppies at AFCD yesterday.  Lovely, happy and friendly little things, but still too many, too many.  If they were golden retrievers they would be gone in a flash, but they are mixes.  Personally, I by far prefer the individuality of mongrels to the predictable ball-in-mouth retrievers.  I think of the labradors and golden retrievers as off-the-peg, conveyor belt dogs, whereas mixed breeds are the one-offs, unique, made-to-measure members of the canine tribe.

That’s not to say I don’t like any of the breeds, though there are a few I would never dream of choosing if I had that luxury, and every homeless dog is as deserving as the next.  Like the sweet collie I got from AFCD along with the puppies, a very gentle boy.  And while I was there the dog catchers arrived with a little French bulldog, picked up in Causeway Bay with some nylon string tied round its neck.  I thought it was a puppy because of the small size, but it’s an adult female.  The poor thing was terrified, of course, but if not claimed I will take her after the mandatory four days.  She’s not microchipped, and the string round her neck didn’t shout “caring owner” to me.

As much as people criticise AFCD for their methods and killing, they’re not the ones who throw defenceless dogs like the collie and the French bulldog on the street.  These were owned dogs, pets, just tossed out like garbage.  Who are these people who can do that?  They’re walking around, looking quite normal and pleased with themselves, no doubt, for having rid themselves of a nuisance.  Maybe they are even reading this blog?

Alice was busy packing up stock to move over to Ap Lei Chau for the opening this weekend, including the new Pokfulam Fence series.  They’re also available on our online shop:

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7 Responses to “Thurs 9th Sept: I love mongrels!”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    There is a Chinese lady living in the neighbourhood who seems to be feeding Tai and Po’s mom irregularly but she can get very close to her. If any volunteers ever meet this lady, please ask her if she can help. It would be really nice if Tai Po’s mom can be desexed, TNRV.

  2. Manuela Ribeiro Says:

    Hi Sally
    It may sound a silly suggestion but worked for me. When I adopted my dogs as older puppies (6 months) and they went on a rampage with my antique Chinese furniture after trying many options (pet shops products included) I decided to go drastic. I rub~bed some Tabasco sauce in the places where they chewed and alas … it worked exceptt for one of them that seemed to have some Mexican dog ancestor and … loved it even more.

  3. Hayley Says:

    Yes, although I did see an AFCD guy off to Cheung Chau this morning with equipment wearing a T-Shirt emblazoned ‘Natural Born Killers’.

    • Sally Says:

      That’s either funny or very unfunny, depending on whether the wearer understood what the words on the T-shirt meant. Perhaps someone should have a word in his ear.

  4. max Says:

    Some fence coffee mug? it is a great gift for X’mas!

  5. Marie Says:

    yes… mongrels will always be my favourite too.. I too am a ‘mutt’.. from here,there and everywhere. That’s what makes mongrels special and unique.. and irresistably wonderful! Personally, I think us mutts rock!

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