Wed 8th Sept: New puppy-proof workstation?

The new workstation

Next to the landing steps at Ap Lei Chau where I get on and off the sampan there’s one of those big garbage collection points where you can drop large items of unwanted rubbish.  It’s used by the furniture shops at Horizon Plaza if they have damaged pieces, and there’s often all sorts of discarded bits and pieces there, much of it only slightly imperfect.  Last Sunday there were a few wooden bookshelves, all brand new, and I decided to take one home to try and overcome the problem of dogs stealing things from my desk and destroying them.  It was only today that I had the time to try and figure out how I was going to use the shelves, and to actually put them in place.  After much pushing and pulling, I finally found an arrangement that seems to work, so now I have to see if the dogs can figure out how to get at the various items that they find so attractive, ie. everything they’re not supposed to have.

Hopefully the puppies have shredded their last book (remains on floor)

Later on I had to go and collect Melon from the SPCA Clinic in Wanchai where she had spent the night after her desex operation.  If you know the building you’ll also know that the surgery is on the second floor, and reception is on the first, so you have to walk up (and down) a flight of steps when you take dogs out after they have had any sort of surgery.  Melon refused point blank to walk down the stairs herself, and it was a struggle to even get her to walk. I had no option but to carry her, and while she’s lost a lot of weight, she’s still a heavy lump of a dog to carry, especially down two flights of stairs.  I made it safely to the bottom anyway, and then walked Melon up and down a bit (the few steps that she agreed to take), in the hope that she might pee before getting in the taxi.  She didn’t, and when a taxi drew up I pushed Melon inside and sat her on the floor for the drive to Aberdeen.  It was only when I went to get her out that I saw she was sitting in a big puddle, more like a mini pool.  Ooops!  At least she hadn’t pooed so I suppose I should be grateful.

Byebye Beefy!

There was some great news from Tai Po about Beefy, a large dog that had spent some time at Petworld during our Big Move from Pokfulam.  One of the staff there had fallen in love with him during his stay, and now was adopting him permanently.  It’s never easy to home large mongrels, and Beefy wasn’t the easiest dog to have around so many others, but now with a home of his own he can say goodbye to all of that forever.

We’re busy compiling a list of potential dogs that will move to Ap Lei Chau as part of the first intake in our mini Homing Centre there.  Most of them will be the smaller sized ones, with a couple of larger (and well behaved) additions.  I’ll drop off a few puppies for the daytime, and pick them up again in the evening so they can spend the night on Lamma.  At least that’s the plan, but we’ll see how it goes.  We open for business this coming Saturday 11th, and as dogs are adopted others will be sent over from Tai Po to take their place.

We’ve got so much going on at the moment and we’re urgently in need of more volunteers to help cope with it all, especially at Tai Po where the majority of the dogs live.  Also, with Alice moving to Ap Lei Chau at the weekend, we need volunteers who are willing to help with adoptions, or a full time staff member to take over Alice’s job.  Splitting the work into two or three part-time positions is also an option, so please contact us if you are interested.  Email Isobel at or me at

On moving to Ap Lei Chau Alice will also take on the role of Training Manager, and will be handling all of the post-adoption problems should they arise.  This is part of our adoption policy, that we don’t just send adopters on their way and wave goodbye, but offer full support and advice as and when it’s needed.  We understand that it takes time for dogs to settle into their new homes, and sometimes it can be a difficult time of adjustment, and the last thing we want is for dogs to come back.


14 Responses to “Wed 8th Sept: New puppy-proof workstation?”

  1. Jesslyn Says:

    hurray for Beefy! Guessed that the adopter is a female? Beefy is so gentle with girls and protective, as with guys… *cough not a good record.
    He’s been waiting for so long, and so good luck Beefy boy! =]

  2. ken Says:

    Hi, Sally, just a piece of advice: SPCA Clinic, Wanchai has a lift right next to the toilet, and the same lift serves all floors including to the adoption floor and groung floor. So, next time, just take the dogs to use the lift.

  3. PE Says:

    Hope you are done with that book else it’s going to take you a long while to finish reading it. kekeke

  4. Doris Says:


    There is a lift at the right hand side of the entrance. 🙂

  5. suekuok Says:

    It’s actually the owner, husband and wife team who adopted Beefy. He was pretty happy to leave Tai Po when they came to get him, jumped into the car and made himself comfortable!

  6. Steve C Says:

    From yesterday, good that Tempo is leaving hospital!

  7. karen Says:

    Sally, is there any public transport from Central to your Tai Po kennels?

    • Sally Says:

      Yes there is but it’s not direct (that I know of). I’m not too familiar with the buses, so perhaps others can help or you can check the different websites showing all the bus routes. I’m still trying to find a way to get to Tai Po myself which doesn’t involve a lot of bus/MTR changes.

  8. Helen Y Says:

    Karen and Sally,
    You can take 307 direct from Central to Tai Po, get off at Tai Po along Kwong Fuk Road and get a taxi (5 minutes short ride) to the kennel. Or if Hing can pick you up near the vet.

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