Tues 7th Sept: Harvey (and) Nichols

Melon, a super-sweet dog, and some of her friends

It was Melon’s big day today.  She was booked in for spay (desex) and entropian surgery, the first to make sure that she never had any more puppies and the second to sort out the problem of in-turning eyelids which  cause a lot of damage as well as being extremely painful.  All of the bulldogs have some eye problems, but that’s part of the breed.  Bulldogs are now so deformed due to inbreeding that you can guarantee that they will need all sorts of medical treatment during their lives.

The first call from the vet was to discuss the entropian, which is quite severe.  We agreed that only the bottom eyelids would be done to start, as they were the worst.

The next call was to say that although Melon had previously had two skin scrapes to check for demodex (both negative), the vet had taken a third and deep scrape while Melon was knocked out, and he found the sample was teeming with mites.  So that explains why Melon’s skin wouldn’t heal, and why some of the others also have the same problem.  The mites are so deep in the skin that a normal scrape wasn’t showing anything, but at least we know that it can be treated now.

The third call was to let me know that the inner eyelids were badly infected, and because of that Melon was only spayed and nothing else.  Even the desexing took a long time thanks to so many previous Caesarians and a lot of fat (she’s still overweight even after losing so much), and Melon would have to stay overnight just to make sure everything was okay.

One of my new baby pups

So instead of going to collect a fat bulldog in the afternoon,  I took a bunch of puppies for vaccinations instead.  It’s a huge relief to get the final shots done and know that the puppies are safe from infection, and also that they won’t need to visit a clinic again, at least not until it’s time for desexing (by which time they will hopefully have been adopted).

HKDR at the Harvey Nichols Landmark fashion show

The photos posted on Facebook have let the cat out of the bag about upcoming events to a certain extent.  There was the big fashion show put on by Harvey Nichols at the Landmark last week, as well as the photo shoots at our Tai Po site for the next issue of the Harvey Nichols in-house magazine.  I can now admit that there was a reason for two of my black velvet puppies being called Harvey and Nichols, and they are also featured in the photos.  Our HKDR Ambassador, Rosemary, was there to support us as always, as well as Cara Grogan, and other top models who are always willing to help.  Thanks to all.

Puppies Harvey and Nichols


4 Responses to “Tues 7th Sept: Harvey (and) Nichols”

  1. Steve C Says:

    Sally, any update on Tempo these days?

  2. Katie Sutcliffe Says:

    Hi Sally, harvey & Nichols remind us of Miller when he was little. Mum is taking lots of photos of him in his new home here in Singapore and the places where we walk him. Miller is writing you an email to update you on his move. He is a very, very, happy boy in Singapore. I am happy that you have a new shop in ALC. We miss Sundays at Whiskers and Paws. We are going to volunteer at the SPCA here in Singapore and I am going to get my Girl Scout friends to volunteer as well.
    Lots of love and big hugs to all the dogs. I hope they all find fab homes like Miller.
    Katie Sutcliffe, aged 8. Miller’s big sister.

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