Mon 6th Sept: More breeder dogs

There’s almost always new dogs at AFCD when I go on Mondays, the weekend being a convenient dropping-off time for people who want to surrender their pets.  There were two there today, a sweet shih tzu girl, not old, and a bouncy black fluffy female, Raven.  Both came from public housing where dogs aren’t allowed, but that only seems to matter when the owners want to dump them.  The shih tzu (now Libby) was in season, and I suppose it was the messiness that prompted her family to toss her out.

A pair of dachshund cross boys that I had reserved last week were ready to go, and I also added another baby pup to my collection.  This funny little thing squeaks instead of barking, and sounds like some sort of toy instead of a puppy.  I have to call him Squeak.

In the section reserved for biter cases there were a whole load of dogs that had come from the breeder in Lau Fau Shan (New Territories).  A total of one hundred and forty eight dogs had been found living in squalid conditions in this place, and they had been divided between the four AFCD centres and SPCA.  There were dogs of all breeds and sizes, from chihuahuas up to Bernese Mountain dogs.   Now these dogs will be kept, several to a kennel because there are so many of them, until the case is heard – whenever that might be.

This case comes hot on the heels of another similar one at Ma On Shan.  Those dogs were also kept at AFCD and SPCA for a long time, those that weren’t in such a terrible state that they had to be euthansied anyway.  A few of those dogs are still waiting to be taken for re-homing, yet already all of the centres are packed with the new intake.

I believe the Ma On Shan breeder was fined some pathetic amount and made to do a few hours Community Service.  This latest Lau Fau Shan breeder has been let out on bail, again for a very low amount.  How much do you think it has, and will again, cost the government to house and feed all of these dogs, bearing in mind that many of them are in extremely poor condition and need medical attention?  If you lose your dog and it ends up at AFCD the daily kennel charge is forty dollars a day (actually very cheap if you compare to private kennels).   So if we take the number of dogs from Lau Fau Shan and multiply by forty the total is five thousand, nine hundred and twenty dollars a day.  Assuming it takes two months for the case to be heard, the amount rises to a staggering three hundred and fifty five thousand, two hundred.

I can guarantee that if the lowlife who kept these dogs is found guilty of cruelty, the fine will be nowhere near that amount.  It will be a few thousand, plus some community service and maybe a stern telling off.  Does anyone agree with me that these breeders should be made to pay the full amount that any member of the public would have to pay?  They have been making money through the suffering of these dogs, supplying pet shops with the puppies that the mother dogs had no choice but to produce.

There is still no such thing a a breeder’s license in Hong Kong.  That means that anyone can simply set up shop, as many do, just like this piece of scum. I know that there are lots of these filthy puppy farms out in the New Territories, and being caught is just a risk that they take knowing that the fine will be a pittance compared to the big bucks they can pull in for doing nothing except putting a male and female together and waiting nine weeks.

Shame on the Hong Kong government for continuing to ignore what’s going on every day, and for refusing to properly regulate the pet trade.  And shame on those who buy the products of these places, the puppies themselves.  Don’t support this cruel trade in life and don’t buy from pet shops (or hobby breeders).  If you do you are as guilty of cruelty as they are.


11 Responses to “Mon 6th Sept: More breeder dogs”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    Totally agreed. Bravo. Well said. The breeder should be prosecuted and jailed, for ill-treatment of animals, 148 counts of criminal offence. Petty fines become encouragements, can’t our government and judges see that? When was the last time the maximum penalty was enforced, at all?

  2. Manuela Ribeiro Says:

    I absolutely agree with Sally, they should be arrested, sentenced to pay the full amount in double plus interests, although given their past probably they will start a new “dog factory” to recover the losses. Conclusion: will be another lot of dogs to suffer.

  3. Alison Says:

    This is disgusting, I think as a minimum the breeder should pay for the costs of the dogs boarding at AFCD. The Government should make it the law for breeders to need licenses and disallow those without licensees i.e. ‘accidental’ purebred puppies from ‘pet owners’ to supply pet shops.

  4. Christine Lomax Says:

    You sound as mad as I feel reading your blog. I wish there was such laws, and jail sentences. I totally agree with what you have said

  5. annem Says:

    If Hong Kong thinks of itself as an international city and thinks it can hold its head up high in the world then it cannot allow this disgusting situation to continue.

  6. jerry Says:

    isn’t it about time legco was ‘invited’ to send a cross party delegation to visit afcd and get them to look into the eyes of the dogs condemned to die, the sick, the abused , the scared to death. Maybe they could go every week to see the changing cast of this tragic realty show

  7. Steve C Says:

    Totally agree. Even putting aside the immoral nature of this activity, in practical terms it makes no sense for the government to cost itself money on this!

  8. Ivy Says:

    Can’t believe why our govt is so kind to these cold-blooded breeders!

    Shame on our govt and breeders! Wake up!

  9. Loretta Says:

    The standard of animal welfare in Hong Kong is absolutely much lower than any of the well developed cities in the world. I am not sure if this is because our government are Chinese, I really don’t want to voice this out, however, I think this is part of the reason. They just dont’ care about the animals. Keep on letting this devil breeders to make money from the poor animals. Shame on you, Hong Kong government and breeders.

  10. Simon Says:

    What can be done to persuade the HK govt to do a proper job here? Any suggestion? It is so sad to see how we as”humans” are doing to the pets, be they dogs or cats.

  11. Rosa Says:

    as they say “money talks and BS walks”. short jail time and community service mean nothing to breeders. on top of cost, they should be made to pay for dogs’ medical care onward. if they care so much about money more than welfare of these animals suffering from every conceivable neglect and abuse, money should really be the main penalty point and make it hereditary so children must pay if parent can’t. must make it really hurt to think twice before doing same thing again.

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