Sun 5th Sept: Six days to opening

Vienna adopted!

What can you say about the weather today?  Amber rainstorm warning in the morning and lovely by the afternoon, just in time for Whiskers’n’Paws puppy adoptions.  Three lucky and lovely babies went off to their new homes today, and I hope this is the real start of “the season”.  By that I mean the between-holidays period when lots of people feel it’s the right time to adopt a dog or puppy.

First of the black velvet pups to go: Nichols, be good!

So it’s just the right time to open our new mini Homing Centre at 21 Main Street, Ap Lei Chau, and we’ll be ready and waiting for you all on this coming Saturday 11th September.  Opening hours are 9am until 7pm, and for adoptions 10am to 6pm (to give us time to clean and tody before showing the available dogs).   We’re also selling Hills dog food, and all sorts of dog supplies and accessories, as well as our own HKDR merchandise.  It’s an exciting time and if it works as planned maybe ther will be more mini Homing Centres on the way.

With the opening of Ap Lei Chau and Alice’s move, we are in need of more staff at Tai Po.  Apart from the site manager position, we also need someone to take over Alice’s adoption manager post, handling potential and actual adopters.  Anyone interested in this job should live within relatively easy reach of Tai Po as we know that it’s a very long day if you have to tavel from Hong Kong Island or other parts of the territory that are some distance from our centre.    Obviously you would have to be comfortable around multiple dogs and have the confidence and ability to deal with people.  Ideally anyone applying will already be a signed-up and active volunteer, because it’s only by being around the dogs and knowing what’s involved that you can understand how hard it can be.

Adoptions are always lovely, but it’s extra nice when one of the seniors finds a home.  This weekend it was Carter’s turn, and older labalike who’s had his share of problems.  He had to have a (benign) lump removed from his back but then got screw worm infection in the wound site, and later got another dose of the digsuting maggots in his elbow.  Now he has a home where he won’t have to worry about that sort of thing any more.

Do you remember Reno the pug(ish)?  When I took her from AFCD kennels she was completely paralysed in her back legs as a result of a slipped disc.  Following surgery she went into a great foster home with one of our experienced volunteers and this is the latest video clip of her out and about.  She’s fully toilet trained (to go outside) and is now just waiting for a home of her own.


One Response to “Sun 5th Sept: Six days to opening”

  1. Norma Says:

    What a great success story.
    Hope she finds a loving home.

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