Sat 4th Sept: Clearing out

Do you remember Gypsy, the sweet doglet who had both front legs operated on at the same time?  She’s been doing really well and is now walking (and playing) on all four legs, but I got a message from her foster to say that one of the legs was bleeding.  I suspected it was a wire that had worked itself loose and after speaking to Dr Tony Matthews, who had performed the surgery, he agreed and suggested I took Gypsy back for a check-up (Dr Tony has since left SPCA).  So that was this morning and yes, she has to go back on Monday and have a pin removed.  Nothing serious as the bones will have totally healed by now, and all in all Gypsy has made a great recovery.

I had one of those big clearing days at home.  I did the accounts for both July and August (although I lost August’s when the computer froze – in shock probably – and I had to re-boot, dammit), filed a whole load of paperwork, threw out a pile of stuff that was maybe interesting but not absolutely vital, paid all my bills and generally got rid of all the stuff that was cluttering the top of my desk including a mobile phone that someone had given me as a reserve.    Obviusly I didn’t completely close the drawer, as later on when I went back upstairs after having been with a potential puppy adopter, I found the puppies playing with something – a phone, now destroyed, and the charger, now without a cord.

I don’t usually welcome potential adopters to Lamma simply because trying to control the dogs is too much of a hassle, and it’s far easier to meet at Whiskers’n’Paws.  However I made an exception today and everything was fine until Tofu started.  He’s a cocker spaniel who had to come to the Home for Delinquents because of his guarding behaviour, and on a day-to-day basis he’s fine but he has developed an obsession with one of our volunteers.  Whenever Vivian comes over, Tofu turns into a maniac and has to be confined to allow everyone else to move around freely.  Today Tofu decided that I was Vivian.

Patrick, another Lamma delinquent (food guarder)

I’d decided on the spur of the moment that shih tzu Patrick had to be shaved.  I know I’m one of those people that has to do everything “now”, so while the would-be adopter was being jumped on by enthusiastic puppies, I had Patrick up on a table and was working on him with a pair of scissors, and then some clippers once the bulk of the hair had gone. It was because of the grooming that I was doing that Tofu decided I was Vivian, and he sat under the table growling and attacking any poor puppy that came anywhere close. This Jekyll-and-Hyde behaviour is really quite scary, and as a result poor Patrick ended up with a haircut from hell, a real shocker of a ‘do’, but there was no way I wanted to stand there any longer with a maniac around my legs.

It was after this episode that I found the mangled phone.

Orange, on of the 17 bulldogs that came to us from a breeder, was adopted today

Anyway, there was great news from the kennels with the adoption of another bulldog, Orange, and a senior golden retriever, Momo.  Not only is it lovely seeing another bulldog get a home, but Orange had a space to herself and that means we can move another dog in there.

There has been yet another shocking case reported in the local media of a breeder in Lau Fau Shan.  Police and SPCA discovered a hundred and forty eight dogs crammed into filthy cages and living in appalling filth.  I say living, but really it can’t even be called that.  I have to write this in capitals because I can’t say it loud enough: THE PET SHOPS AND BREEDERS MUST BE STOPPED!  DON’T BUY PUPPIES!  There are so many dogs and puppies needing homes and thousands being killed every year.  Does this any make sense?


2 Responses to “Sat 4th Sept: Clearing out”

  1. Marie Says:

    no it doesn’t make any sense.. but sadly even in the UK I still meet people all the time who would still rather go to a petshop or breeder for their dog. They just think it is easier or just think all rescue dogs have behavioural problems. I think if they haven’t worked with rescue dogs they just don’t realise how beautiful and amazing they are.

  2. Doris Says:

    Hi Sally,

    I still hv one more phone. will give it to you before I leave, in a lock n lock container 🙂

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