Fri 3rd Sept: Bulldog update

I was grateful for the rain today when taking two of the bulldogs over to Wanchai, as the cooler temperature meant that there wasn’t a constant need to keep the dogs from overheating.  Melon was going for a check-up to make sure that she was now fit enough for surgery (she was way too heavy before), and Avocado was having a post-entropian (eye surgery) assessment. 

All of the bulldogs that came to us from the breeder have eye problems of one kind or another, and it seems to be a genetic problem.  From the looks of them I think they are all related, so they share things like severe dry eye, where there aren’t enough (or any) tears to lubricate the eyes.  This results in all sorts of complications, and pain, so constant application of artificial tears is necessary.  Poor dogs, they have already endured so much and they all have to have further surgery to deal with their bulldog issues.  Melon also has entropian (eyelids that turn inwards), and she needs to have the folds of skin on her face removed.  The deep creases in the face are magnets for infection, and many flat-faced dogs like pugs, pekes and bulldogs need to have the facial fold surgery.  Even the desexing operation is complicated due to the fact that all of the bulldogs have had multiple Caesarians which has caused scarring and adhesions of the uterus.

I’ve already mentioned Melon’s incredible weight loss, and the staff checking her in thought there must have been an input error on her first visit as they couldn’t believe the difference.  As for Avocado, she’s like a whippet in comparison, a mere 19 kilos and as fast as a bullet.  Well, it seems like that.  I’m impressed by the way she moves around, and her fitness level considering her history and the fact that she’s already on the old side for a bulldog.

I have to say that these bulldogs are incredibly loving and affectionate, and so funny in their clumsy ways.  It’s an ongoing task dealing with the multiple health issues, but I’m very happy that we took the dogs in and saved them from their terrible lives.  We still have seven of them waiting for homes if you have space for a hunk of love in your life.

While I was at SPCA I met with the vet who was going to be operating on Tempo (gall bladder removal).  We discussed the situation and options, and agreed that since Tempo was bright and doing well it would be better to wait a bit rather than jump in now.  All surgery carries a risk, but because Tempo has been so ill it could literally kill him, obviously not the outcome we’re looking for.   I know a lot of volunteers are keen to have news and updates on how Tempo is doing, but right now it’s a waiting game.  At least he’s a lot better than when he was admitted as an emergency case of suspected leptospirosis.


2 Responses to “Fri 3rd Sept: Bulldog update”

  1. Steve C Says:

    Good to hear Tempo is bright and perky.

  2. Norma Says:

    I know that Bulldogs generally need a Caesarian as they have problems giving birth but who is doing these ops? They surely could help to put a stop to this indescriminate breeding!
    The breeders are not the only ones in it for the money, obviously!

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