Weds 1st Sept: Daydreaming

Wednesdays are my new Saturdays.  By that I mean that although Saturday is supposed to be my day off, it almost always turns out that there is something that needs to be done which involves having to go over to Hong Kong with a dog or puppies, so it’s not a break at all.  Wednesday is Hing’s day off, and without a van driver to ferry the dogs around it’s become a rest day of sorts by default.  So although I did go over to Hong Kong (for my bi-annual hair cut), it wasn’t on HKDR business.

This week, like every week, requires a lot of planning and juggling of van time.  There are always dogs needing to go to the vet, whether for routine stuff like vaccinations or desexing, or emergencies.  On Wednesdays, however, the vet comes to us with the SPCA mobile clinic, so it all works out quite well.

One of Maria's beautiful pups. They all had coughs but are fine now

My puppies are growing so fast it’s scary.  At least the dreaded kennel cough has all but disappeared, but I have a backlog of due and overdue vaccinations to get done as a result.  At least the pointer cross litter finally got their second round of shots done on Tuesday, but I have a list of others waiting. 

There was a time, in the very early days of HKDR, when I used to use the clinic in Aberdeen where I took Ottilie to after her snake bite.  It’s very convenient, but after the practice was sold there was a huge price increase making it too expensive to use.  At the time I was using the clinic there were three vets working there, all of whom have long since moved on but are still in Hong Kong (Dr Jon Williams, Dr Michael Bradley and Dr Joe Laraya).  When I had puppies that needed vaccinating, it was easy for one of the vets to jump on a sampan and come over to my house, and oh, I dream of those early days at times like this.

This puppy looks exactly like a baby Tita

Snapping back to present time reality, with the opening of the Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre only ten days away we realised we were going to have to get organised with some of the traditional opening ceremony requirements, such as ribbon cutting and arranging a Lion Dance.   Where do you find Lion Dancers (who will perform for free or very little)?  I called a friend and mentioned our dilemma, and she said call this person, he’s a Lion Dance teacher.  Result, we have a Lion Dance. It’s one of the things I love about Hong Kong and having been here for so long.  Everyone knows someone who knows someone else .

I’m getting a lot of questions about Ap Lei Chau and what/who will be there and is this a move from Tai Po?  The answer is that Tai Po remains our main (but still temporary) base where most of the dogs will stay.  The Ap Lei Chau Centre is really quite small and we will only have space for a few small dogs, a couple of larger ones and maybe two puppies.   As one dog is re-homed, we’ll replace it with another from Tai Po or Lamma, so there will be a constant number of dogs available.  During the day the plan is that they will be free to run around downstairs, and at night they will have specially made individual pens upstairs.  Volunteers will be recruited to walk the dogs (naturally the waterfront that is very close by is a No Dog area!), and to help with anything else that needs doing (shop sales, stock control, cleaning etc).  I’m getting excited now that the opening day is almost here, and I hope you’ll all be dropping by to have to look.


4 Responses to “Weds 1st Sept: Daydreaming”

  1. Steve C Says:

    Re: Tempo, reading the transmission paragraph here is it a risk keeping water in the paddling pool in the play area?

    • Sally Says:

      We don’t know yet if it’s actually leptospirosis but in any case the pool is fresh water. The danger is stagnant water that has been contaminated by rat urine. No other dogs seem to have been infected so I’m hoping it was another acute infection that killed Leon, and maybe something completely different that’s affected Tempo.

  2. Steve C Says:

    P.S. I called the SPCA, they were very helpful and caring. They have not finished the tests on Tempo yet so they couldn’t let me know in time if I could give him a visit or not, but offered to call me tomorrow morning regarding tomorrow. The telephone operator said there is a chance they may operate on him tomorrow, so fingers crossed for him.

  3. Helen Y Says:

    Speaking about water, I know some of Tai Po’s water supply are from the streams, could the source be contaminated especially after the several heavy rainfalls recently, there were blockage for a while.

    Pray that Tempo can make it through, Steve hope you can visit and give him some support – I know he is attached to you – he needs a boost.

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