Tues 31st August: Goodbye summer!


I suppose September must count as officially being autumn, but the heat and smog felt more like being slowly cooked in an oven.  I was supposed be be going to AFCD Pokfulam to pick up the dogs that I couldn’t take yesterday, but once again my plans changed at the last minute when two puppy foster homes materialised.  The six new babies I got from AFCD are currently on Lamma but I don’t really have space for them, and moving them as soon as possible is too good an opportunity to miss.

So Stop Number One was at the Aberdeen Marina Club where two pups were handed over, along with food and puppy de-wormer.  Hing (our driver) was waiting for me there,  with the van full of furniture being moved from Tai Po to Ap Lei Chau in readiness for the opening on 11th September.  It was also a good opportunity to show Hing how to get there, as being Tai Po born and bred Hong Kong Island is as much a mystery to him as the New Territories is to me. 

I had a further two puppies with me, so after dropping off the bits and pieces (including a sink) at the Ap Lei Chau shop, it was off to Tai Po again. Those poor pups are already quite well travelled, and it’s very stressful for such babies to be moved here and there but it has to be done.

Long-term foster dogs, Ranger and Zidane, were finally officially adopted (together) so they will be added to the August adoption tally, and while going through the drawer of foster files to retrieve theirs, I found several others that have already been adopted.  I’m hoping this month’s total will be quite respectable, and from now on we’re heading into the prime homing months. Seeing on paper the names of the dogs that have been adopted is the end-of-month reward for everything, a full pay packet in kind.  I know everyone feels the same, so I’m looking forward to being able to share the list.

There was still more furniture that had to be moved to Ap Lei Chau, so I asked Kathy (who is asked to do just about everything!) to call a van so I could drop a desk and other things off on my way home.  I checked with the contractor whether there would still be workmen there to let me in, and she confirmed they would wait until six o’clock.  Well I sat and waited for the van, and waited, and by five thirty I knew I’d never get there in time.  Which ever way you look at it, Tai Po is quite a way from Aberdeen or Ap Lei Chau, and the tunnel traffic is always hideous in the evening.   On the other hand, the good news is that the new Homing Centre is almost on the waterfront and I can get a sampan directly from Lamma to just a stone’s throw from the shop.  There’s also a sampan ferry service that runs from Aberdeen across to Ap Lei Chau Main Street where we are located, and this may be a quick and easy way for visitors to get to the centre.  We open officially on Saturday 11th September, and this event will mark a big step in HKDR’s history.  Please feel free to drop by over the weekend to have a look.  We’ll be expecting you!

Some update on Hercules.  Compare the old photo (top) with the new one (below).

Look at the handsome boy now!


18 Responses to “Tues 31st August: Goodbye summer!”

  1. FOSTER Says:

    im very happy to know Ranger finally homed, he is always my favourite in the kennel along with Choco and Boogie. Is Choco still in foster home?

  2. Steve C Says:

    Any news on my little mate Tempo?

  3. Fiona Says:

    Hercules is looking absolutely amazing!!! He looks like a different animal, how his soul must be singing 🙂

  4. Manuela Ribeiro Says:

    OMG! Dear Hercules looks so different from the old photo! No more miserable eyes and with his big ears so pointed up! Also the front paws so firm on the floor. I am very happy for the dear boy.

  5. Norma Says:

    Hercules looks wonderful!

  6. Jan Says:

    So very delighted that Ranger has been adopted. He is an absolutely delightful dog. Lucky owner!

  7. Roni Says:

    OMG! Hercules is totally different!
    Is he now in LA already? really good for him! He’s shining!!
    How about Julius?

  8. Christine Says:

    Sally, what happen to Tempo?

  9. Helen Y Says:

    Hercules, so happy for you, handsome boy. Just love these before and after photos, would be nice to compile an album to show prospective adopters that there is hope and possibilities if they can help adopt/foster.

  10. Helen Y Says:

    And what happened to Tempo? He is with Lewis in the play area, any connection?

    • Sally Says:

      Both Tempo and Leon (who died) have suspected leptospirosis. Lewis is in the house and is fine apart from a wound under his chin (which is healing well). We are waiting for the results of blood tests on Tempo but he seems to be doing OK at the moment.

  11. Stella Says:

    Hi Sally, can you let us know what happens with Choco, the sweet boy? Of course I wish him to find his family already just like his best friend Ranger.

  12. Jesslyn Says:

    Leptospirosis, that’s sticky. Thought it is caused by contaminated water? Seems that the Taipo kennels needs some sterilization then… A friend’s dog died of leptospirosis also, it’s quick and horrible. Hardly can catch any symptoms. Hope Tempo and Lewis can get well soon fingers&paws x

    • Sally Says:

      We obviously disinfect on a regular basis at Tai Po. In any large kennel, especially with new dogs arriving all the time from all sorts of places, it’s inevitable that there will be outbreaks of disease now and again. We can only try to keep those to a minimum, but will never realistically be able to prevent or control them entirely.

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