Sun 29th August: Ap Lei Chau opening

While the puppies were being packed into crates for the trip to Whiskers’n’Paws, that familiar pre-typhoon mugginess was in the air.  The number 1 signal was already in force and I was just hoping that whatever was around would stay away, not just for the day but for the week.  There are dogs that need to go to the vet and puppies that are due vaccinations, and I can’t afford to miss valuable days.  As much as I love living where I do and being away from everything, when you’re totally reliant on sampans to get anywhere, a typhoon means everything just stops.

It wasn’t just the weather that was worrying me today, but also the lack of adopters.  Still, my naughty-but-loveable rascal pup, Cricket, was the lucky boy and that leaves me with only one of the Sports litter left.  Not bad when you consider there were nine of them to start with.

The black velvet litter were definitely the crowd pleasers though, and they were quite happy to be scooped up and cuddled time and time again, their little legs barely having time to touch the ground before another pair of hands reached down again.  These pups are an exact repeat of what I called the Bedroom Pups, which included Donovan and Stella, both adopted by volunteers.  (Helen and Deb, if you want to see a real-life flashback to when your dogs were babies, have a look at these little ones).

We had a new intake of small dogs from AFCD Shatin which Kathy had collected on Saturday.  They include Likki, a twelve-year old sharpei cross girl, and while I have taken many old dogs from Pokfulam Animal Management Centre, it was nice to see that the vet at Shatin had selected a senior dog for re-homing.  Dogs that come from the three other AFCD Centres are chosen by the vets in charge, not by me, so every dog’s life is in their hands.

There’s one dog waiting at Shatin for release, and he has such a sad-but-happy story that I can’t wait to get him out.  He’s a mongrel doglet, tan colour, cute but nothing special.  He was surrendered by his previous owners, and as with all surrenders to AFCD, the form that owners have to sign is actually an authority for AFCD to “dispose” of the animal as they wish. This means that there is no mandatory four day waiting period required, and the dog can be put to sleep – killed – at any time.  This particular dog was in line for the “pink injection”, but as the needle was about to inserted the dog licked the vet’s hand.  That simple gesture saved the dog from death, and I have pre-named him Lucky Lick.

I’ve been talking about the Ap Lei Chau Mini Homing Centre for a while, and now I at least have a date.  We will be opening for business on Saturday 11th September, and I hope you will all come to have a look, at least those of you who live on Hong Kong Island.  The idea is that we will keep a few small dogs, two larger ones, plus a couple of puppies (all for adoption) at the Centre, and as they are homed they will be replaced with dogs waiting at Tai Po. We will also stock a full range of HKDR merchandise such as T-shirts, (and the latest Tribute Book lll plus the 2011 calendar and diary when available), plus collars, leashes, bowls and brushes, toys and whatever else a dog needs or wants.  Hills Science Diet food will also be available at the store.  

Alice Lau, who has been in charge of adoptions at Tai Po, will be managing the Ap Lei Chau operation as well as offering training advice for adopters (Alice is certified trainer too if you didn’t know).  Quene Chan has been understudying Alice at Tai Po for the past few weeks, and when Alice moves to Ap Lei Chau, Quene will take over the adoption role full time.

This is an exciting time and event for HKDR, just one more step foward in our development.  We know that there are a lot of volunteers standing by ready to help with the Ap Lei Chau Centre, and we’ll be in touch.  Thanks to all for making this possible.


5 Responses to “Sun 29th August: Ap Lei Chau opening”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    Oh I missed checking on the black pups on Thursday, where are they now? Sure love to see (and cuddle) D as a pup.

  2. madelaine gomez Says:

    Any update on Ottilie? Is she continuing to recover? Hope there are no further complications.

  3. Doris Says:

    Great to hear about the opening. I am still here on 11 Sept and will definitely pop round.

  4. Helen Y Says:

    Lucky Lick’s story brought tears to my eyes, he must have done something right in his previous life.

  5. Ivan Says:

    I’m so excited about being able to volunteer for HKDR again and help at the ApLeiChau centre when I come back in Dec! Good luck with the opening!

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