Thurs 26th August: Miracles do happen

Ottilie’s recovery from the king cobra snake bite is nothing short of a miracle.  She was so close to death when I took her to the vet (I’d like to say rushed, but that’s difficult on a sampan), but I picked her up today and she is almost back to normal.  It’s only the swelling around the actual bite site that is a reminder of what she has been through, and the fact that she has a course of antibiotics and some painkillers to take.  I found out later that it was pure luck that the clinic I went to, being the one closest to where I live but not one that I normally use, had the cobra serum in stock.  Most don’t, and I suppose poisonous snake bites aren’t exactly common so it’s not surprising. 

Breakfast time! (brown puppy is Sesame)

Another near miracle – I have some photos to post!  I finally got the camera up and running and even better, worked out how to use it.  I’m a technical klutz, hopeless with anything that has more than one button, so I’m happy to be able to show off my latest batch of babies.   They’re getting over the kennel cough quite quickly so I hope they’ll be at Whiskers’n’Paws this Sunday.

Curls on the right, a lovely, funny boy

Also included in the shots are Curls, a really funny/cute curly-coated pup, older than he looks (he’s five months), another kennel cougher who has had to miss a couple of adoption Sundays.

It was Shatin AFCD rather than Pokfulam that was today’s destination.  There were several dogs waiting to be collected, and with four humans and two dogs that had been picked up from the vet already in the van, it was a bit of a tight squeeze.  I sat in the front seat with Guy, a schnauzer wannabe, while

New peke cross just arrived at Tai Po. He has one of those faces that looks like a glove puppet

Catherine and Kathy shared the back seat with (newly named) Dopey, a Doberman just taken from AFCD.  (I called him Dopey without even needing to think about it because he is such a soft dope of a dog).  A new schnauzer boy sat at Kathy’s feet, while a new peke was in a travel crate on Catherine’s side.   The back was filled with various dogs and puppies, and Guy and the other schnauzer barked at each other the entire time, while the peke was yelling his protest at being shut in a box.  Thankfully it’s not a long drive from Shatin to Tai Po.

Every adoption is good news but some are rather more noteworthy than others.  No young golden retriever stays with us for long, and I’m happy to say that the new Staffie girl, Flower, has a lot of interest too.  But  today was Steve’s day.  Steve, as all volunteers will know, is a rather special kind of peke, although a lot of his characteristics are typical of the breed.  He doesn’t like strangers and he will make the decision about who he likes and who he doesn’t.  Those he doesn’t like had better take care.  He’s grumpy or sweet depending on who he’s dealing with, but even his best friend, Michelle, couldn’t touch him for too long, and certainly couldn’t give him the haircut he desperately needed.  Steve had a very special way of dealing with such things, which was to fall over in a swoon, twitch his legs for a minute or so, and then pop back up as though nothing had happened.  I suggested having the clippers on hand every time he did this, to take advantage of the few seconds that it was safe to approach, but it would have been a long process.

An early photo of Steve, proving that someone at some time was able to groom him!

It’s nice to know that there is always someone willing to take on a challenge, and Steve left today for his new home, coincidentally on Michelle’s last day before she leaves for Canada.  I know Steve will be OK if his adopter can be patient (and have a lot of chicken on hand), so all I can say is good luck, and Steve, be good, this is probably the only chance you’ll ever get.


9 Responses to “Thurs 26th August: Miracles do happen”

  1. Susan Says:

    This is GREAT news. Congratulations Steve, and please be good !

  2. Karen W Says:

    Hi Sally,

    Completely off topic to this thread but i was wondering how the long termers on Lamma are doing. In particular a few of my old faves, Babette and Grosvenor, are they still a couple? Kanga and Jackson and little Foxy the shy corgi type. For some reason, i dreamt about them last night.

    • Sally Says:

      All are doing well. Foxy is still shy but she has her fiends Spongebob (Spongie), Coral and Urchin to play with. Babs and Grosvenor are still very much a couple, and they don’t socialise with the others.

  3. ivy Says:

    Steve, be a good boy!!

  4. Teresa Says:

    Gus, then Steve, be good boys! Pekes have special characters, that make them more adorable!

  5. Suzanne Says:

    Hi Sally, another off-topic query — how is Tulip doing after her dramatic rescue?

  6. Charles Says:

    I’ll miss seeing Steve lying in his usual spot at HKDR 😦
    Best of luck!

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