Tues 24th August: Puppies getting better

I’m so impressed with my little black ankle biters.  During the day they’re out in the garden enclosure, but at night they’re brought inside and have the freedom of the top floor.  This would usually be a disaster, but these babies are so well-behaved that the floor is still clean in the morning. Quite different from the Sports Puppies who thought the world was their toilet.

The latest black Whippety, Angeli, went for her first vaccination today, along with poodle Kenzo and spitz Scuba who were due their boosters.  Kenzo’s skin issues seem to be just bacterial now, the yeast issue having finally been resolved, so hopefully he’ll be ready for adoption now.

I’ve got a big queue of puppies waiting for vaccinations which I can’t do while they’re coughing.  I check them every day looking for signs of improvement, which is thankfully happening, and I reckon I’ll have to book a clinic for an entire afternoon before too long so I can get everyone ready for the Sunday adoption afternoons.  The pointer cross pups are included in this group and it’s incredibly frustrating to have such gorgeous babies and not be able to take them for homing.

I went to have a look at the Ap Lei Chau shop in the afternoon.  It’s been completely transformed from the mouldy black-walled space I first saw, to the bright and clean would-be Mini Homing Centre that will soon be opening.  I’m really looking forward to having this Hong Kong-based facility, not least because I can get a sampan almost directly door to door from Lamma.  Rather more convenient than Tai Po, although of course I’ll still be making my bi, or tri-weekly trips up there as it will still be our main site and Homing Centre.  We’ll be announcing the Ap Lei Chau opening date very shortly, and there’ll be some celebratory drinks and nibbles on offer for all visitors.

I was donated a new (second hand) camera, so hopefully I can get back to taking some photos of all the puppies I keep talking about.  I don’t think I’m quite ready to join the HKDR Photography Club but not-so-good photos are better than nothing.


3 Responses to “Tues 24th August: Puppies getting better”

  1. Karen Says:

    Hi Sally,

    Would be great if photos of pups you have could be posted online (or are they already?). May prompt more people to come along to adoption day, if they see the cuties available.


  2. madelaine gomez Says:

    I enjoy reading your blog everyday, with or without photos, but obviously seeing photos of the Lamma puppies et al would certainly add to our enjoyment. The photos you put in your blog are good enough for us laymen!

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