Sun 22nd August: The curse of kennel cough

There are things in life you just can’t control and one of those is kennel cough in puppies! Just at a time when families are coming back to Hong Kong after their long summer breaks and the time is right for adopting a puppy, my little ones are cough-cough-coughing.  Like the human cold it spreads like wildfire, and no matter how much separating you try to enforce it just doesn’t work.  Apart from the actual cough the puppies are fine – running around, eating and playing – but it’s very hard to home a dog that’s not fully healthy, especially when the early sign of kennel cough are very similar to distemper.

So today the babies stayed at home while the older ones (who didn’t entirely escape the cough either) went to Whiskers’n’Paws, and four of them found homes so it wasn’t too bad at all.

Doodle, a very sweet and lovely boy

To make up the numbers I also took Kenzo the poodle and Doodle the poodley dachshund(ish).  (In other words I don’t know what he’s made up of, but it doesn’t matter).  Doodle has been on Lamma for a while, but he was so shy to start with that he just hid himself away when I took him to the Sunday adoption afternoons.   Lots of people liked the look of him, as well as his sweetness, but it was just so hard to get a real idea of his personality.  It’s taken a couple of months but at last Doodle was relaxed enough to agree to walk on a leash rather than have to be carried, and on this first visit after I’d given up on trying to get him a home, he was adopted.


Kenzo tries his best and is always willing and happy to be friends with anyone and everyone, but he has a yeasty skin problem which stubbornly refuses to respond to treatment.  I think it’s time for another vet visit for him.

I have two older puppies that really should be in homes by now, but because of the summer and the lack of adopters during these past few months they’re still waiting. 

A young Bossy - and still waiting

Bossy and Bessie are wonderful girls, now around five months old (which is actually a great age to adopt), and they are so easy and laid back.  They’ve passed their cute baby pup stage, but personally I find the beahviour of slightly older puppies much more appealing.  No ankle biting or tugging at the hems of trousers, or nipping with tiny needle-sharp teeth.

All in all it’s been a good weekend with our Open Day on Saturday and quite a few adoptions, both from Tai Po and Lamma.  Now we need to start stepping up the pace as we approach the busy season, both for events and adoptions. 

Karina would be on my list to go to Ap Lei Chau

The opening of our Mini Homing Centre in Ap Lei Chau is imminent, and this will also be a retail outlet for all of the HKDR merchandise as well as Hills dog food, and event tickets.  The reason we decided to open a place like this was because we know that Tai Po is quite a trek for Hong Kong-based adopters, and while we were at our Pokfulam Kennels it was easy and convenient for people to just drop by.  Now would-be adopters can do the same at our Ap Lei Chau site, and although the choice of dogs will be limited they will be ones that we feel are up there at the top of our “Star Dogs” list.   As one dog is adopted, another will be moved in from Tai Po to take its place, so we will always have a set number ready and waiting to go to their new homes.

Ruthie was adopted from Tai Po on Staurday. She was one of the group of older puppies waiting for homes


13 Responses to “Sun 22nd August: The curse of kennel cough”

  1. Ivan Says:

    Great news about the various adoptions etc.!!
    Will you need volunteers to walk/play with/look after dogs at the ApLeiChau homing centre?

    • Sally Says:

      Yes, we will need volunteers for lots of things including walking and grooming the dogs, helping to clean and tidy the shop and dog “bedrooms”, helping with sales and everything else that comes up.

  2. Patsy Says:

    Where in Ap Lei Chau? Horizon Plaza?

  3. May Says:

    Hi Sally,
    Take a look at for some suggestions on kennel cough, only if u dare trying… 🙂

  4. Corliss Says:

    Hi Sally

    My name is Corliss and we just adopted Dimple over the weekend and now want to bring Trilby to our home too but need your approval. Can you please call Emma as soon as you can to let her know? We are trying to get Trilby here tonight.

    Many thanks,


    • Sally Says:

      Hi Corliss, did you manage to get Trilby delivered? I’m so happy “my” girl has a home at last.

      • Corliss Says:

        Hi Sally

        Trilby will be home with us tonight! Dimple is still very nervous and withdrawn and we really hope this gives him some comfort as well.

    • Jesslyn Says:

      Hi Corliss,

      Thanks for giving Dimple a home, and now a home for Trilby also! We loved them and is more than pleased to see that they are in good hands plus have a forever home =]

      Thanks for adopting!

    • Yolanda Yan Says:

      Wow…..this is an extremely good news……I didn’t realize until now!

      Dear Corliss: Trilby is a very versy special and sweet girl. I am sure you will love her. Best wishes to all.

  5. Kaz Says:

    There are a number of people who avidly follow HKDR’s progress living in the New Territories! I know the move has ‘inconvenienced’ alot of your HK Island crowd but maybe a bit more publicity in Sai Kung, Sha Tin, Fanling, Tai Po, Yuen Long and all the other ‘Kowloon’ areas (Hung Hom, TST, Mong Kok) etc might get HKDR some more volunteers and homes? Just a thought….

  6. karen Says:

    Dear Sally,

    Do you need people to foster any lamma pups for short periods (like a month)?



    • Sally Says:

      Hi Karen,

      If you can foster puppies then I’d prefer if you can be on standby for real babies. The Lamma pups are all just about ready to go for adoption (once their coughs go). I hope they’ll be clear by next Sunday. Thanks!

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