Sat 21st August: International Homeless Animal Day

Making it easy for me, here's a list of the IHAD volunteers

It was an incredibly busy and action-packed day at Tai Po today.  I’m always amazed when I turn up at our various events, not having been involved with the organisation, to find that everything has been immaculately planned and prepared by the volunteers.  Today’s team leaders reponsible for everything were Yanki and Linda, so a big thanks to them and to everyone else who signed up to help. There are so many photos and I can’t post them all, so please have a look at the HKDR Facebook page for full coverage.

Sweet Dimple went home today

Even while the site was busy with visitors it was still business as usual in terms of adoptions and pick-ups.  Tiffany and Dimple had already been chosen and today was the day they actually left for their new homes, while puppy Ruthie and golden retriever Frankie were also lucky today.  The very cute terrier/beagle cross, Mark, went off to see how he would get on with the resident cats, and at long last the lovely Gus left us (for a home, that is).

What took so long for Gus to find a home? He's the best!

As if all of that activity wasn’t enough, the four garden sheds were delivered, with the agreement being that one would be assembled free of charge while the other three would have to be put together by volunteers (who had watched the demonstration).  There had to be an on-the-spot decision made about where the houses would go, and then a procession of volunteers carried the various pieces up the steep steps to the designated enclosures, while anothet team worked on putting the bits together.

My part in all of this was to start moving dogs around, trying to match the dogs’ ages and characters and the number of beds/shelters in each enclosure.  As dogs are adopted a space is naturally created, and unless the dogs are shifted around you can end up with a lot of them in one space and only a few in another.  New arrivals, once they have been assessed, also have to be placed somewhere, and then watched to see how they fit in.

Talking of new arraivals, the young Staffie (Staffordshire bull terrier) finally arrived yesterday.  She is only a year old but has already been used for breeding.  I have no idea how she was kept in her previous home, but from her behaviour I would say she is totally under-socialised and has probably rarely – if ever – been out before.  The poor dog is so scared, and she spent the entire day hiding in a dog house that was donated some time ago, but which is so heavy it has never made it further than the entrance area (it’s metal).

It was a long and tiring day by the time it was over, but even when I left Tai Po the volunteers were still busy clearing and putting everything away.  I’d give them all a medal if I could.

Not everyone was at Tai Po today. It was also the dayof the demonstration for the Reformation of AFCD


2 Responses to “Sat 21st August: International Homeless Animal Day”

  1. Ronnie Says:

    Hi Sally,
    Isnt the Staffie got adopted?!? Last Sunday I asked somebody in the kennel but no one knows.
    I wish I had energy to walk dogs yesterday so I could see her… How shy is she?

    I want the Staffie so bad… my BF’s family only keep this breed dogs in NY… we LOVE them… Pitbulls are so lovely and sweet to children, not at all scary as people think…

    But me and my bf has the same question: how did she come to HK? What story she has?

    I will send the adoption questionaire to HKDR mail box later 🙂


    • Sally Says:

      The Staffie isn’t adopted, she was hiding in a kennel as she was very scared. Staffies are NOT pitbulls, although they do come from the same family of bulldogs. Bull terriers are also included in this group. The dog was surrendered by her owner, someone who obviously didn’t care much for her dog but bred her anyway. She’s only 18 months old but has already had a litter of puppies.

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