Fri 20th August: Melon’s nice surprise

I finally made it to AFCD in Pokfulam with the three dogs; Melon, Delia and Muji.  Melon didn’t have a microchip (and had been used for breeding, totally illegally) while the other two just needed their licenses updating and a rabies vaccination.  I took advantage of the walk-on scales to check Melon’s weight and found that she had dropped from 41 kilos (when she first arrived) to 26 kilos, a huge difference.  She hasn’t even been on a diet, it’s just that now she has the freedom to walk around, even run if she feels like it, whereas previously she just sat in her cage being made to produce litter after litter.

Delia could have been in a home years ago had she overcome her dislike of strangers, and men in particular.  Once she knows you she’s incredibly sweet and affectionate, and loves to be cuddled, but she became a liability at our Pokfulam kennels because she is so cute to look at that visitors were inevitably drawn to pet her.  Not a good idea.  In the end Delia was moved to the Lamma Home for Small Delinquents, but maybe one day she’ll find a home of her own.

Although Muji also lives on Lamma, he’s never been a problem dog.  The reason why he never found a home was because he came to us with tick fever and really rancid teeth.  It took a long time to eradicate the parasites that cause the tick fever, during which time he couldn’t have his teeth seen to.  When we were finally able to get some dental work done Muji was so happy on Lamma that he refused to leave.  We tried putting him in foster homes but he just wasn’t happy, and in the end he came back – and stayed.

Both Delia and Muji are around twelve years old now, still very active and in good overall health, and I suppose they’ll live out their lives on Lamma.  I think Delia would still like to have a chance of a home, but Muji, no, he likes the beach and his freedom too much.

Saturday is a big day for two reasons.  It’s International Homeless Animal Day, and we’ll be holding a “get to know us” event at Tai Po in the afternoon. Click here for details, and for those of you who haven’t yet made it to our Tai Po Centre, now’s the time to do it.

It’s also the day of the planned demonstration and march for the Reformation of AFCD, a call for changes in the animal welfare laws and everything that goes with it.  HKDR won’t be attending in an official capacity, but we support the call for much-needed changes in laws that were drawn up seventy five years ago and are no longer relevant.  It’s time for the  government to pull their heads out of the sand and accept that dogs are part of Hong Kong society now, something that wasn’t the case all those years ago.  I hope that the message will be loud and clear, and that it will be heard.


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