Thurs 19th August: Goodbye Squirrel

I made another attempt at getting bulldog Melon and two other small dogs to AFCD to get their licenses updated, but once again there were last minute changes to my plan when I was found that pom Squirrel was very sick.  He’s normally out and about in the garden with the other little dogs, but this morning he was hardly moving.  The very fact that he could be picked up showed how sick he was because he’s not living at the Home for Small Delinquents for nothing, and for years nobody has really been able to touch him, at least not without the help of other volunteers, a towel and a thick pair of gloves.  There was one volunteer who connected with Squirrel in the early days soon after his arrival, and he would even sit on her lap and let himself be groomed, but since she left there hasn’t really been anyone. 

He seemed happy enough to just be who he was and do his own thing, but I have to admit that his difficult temperament played a part in my decision to let him go when the vet spoke to me about his condition and treatment options.  Although the tests that were carried out weren’t conclusive, pancreatitis and other intestinal issues were suspected, and at the very least Squirrel would have to spend some time in hospital.  The long-term prognosis wasn’t good, and medicating a bad-tempered pom wasn’t going to be easy even assuming he recovered.  Squirrel had lived on Lamma for four years, and while I can’t say that he and I had a great relationship,  it still wasn’t an easy decision to make.

There will be an other attempt made at getting the dogs to AFCD tomorrow.

Buttons left today

I was right in thinking that the very cute terrier boy I got from the Pokfulam Animal Management Centre on Tuesday wouldn’t have to wait long before finding a home.  He left for his new home today.

As a replacement, I took another cutie from the Shatin AFCD kennels, one of a large group of dogs rescued from appalling conditions which resulted in a successful prosecution on cruelty charges.  Many of these dogs have already been re-homed while others are still waiting, and we’ll take more next week.  Today’s lucky dog is a Maltese (type), maybe with some Westie, but anyway a lovely little girl.  She seemed very happy with her new “home” at Tai Po, a far cry from the terrible conditions she and the others had previously endured.


4 Responses to “Thurs 19th August: Goodbye Squirrel”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Poor Squirrel I wonder what his story was to have made him such a difficult character…RIP Squirrel.

  2. Steve C Says:

    Dear Fellow Volunteers reading Sally’s blog,

    Looking at her in the house you would think that Bindi is reluctant to go for walks…wrong. Once she realises you are going to walk her she becomes very excited, and is well and truely up for it. We did three laps up to the corner yesterday, and not only was she taking me for a walk but she used her operated-on leg more on each lap. Please therefore remember to walk her, it will help her return to being a four legged dog sooner than later.

  3. KY Says:

    RIP Squirrel! You are a good boy anyway.

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