Weds 18th August: A quick adoption

First thing in the morning I go through all unread emails so I can can reply, or forward to others for action, before taking the dogs for their walk.  Of course I’m  always eager to get the adoption enquiries, even though many of them may be unsuitable homes, at least in our books (and more of that later).

It’s a funny thing but there seems to be a ‘collective unconscious’ at work in the (dog) universe, meaning that either I get a lot of enquiries all at once for the same dog, or for the same type of dog.  At the moment it’s French bulldogs, and don’t ask me why but suddenly everyone wants one.  Only recently we had five needing homes which we struggled to find, and Frisbee was with me for a long time before he was adopted.  Now we don’t have any on our books.

With one of the French bulldog enquiries I was prompted (must be the universe at work again) to tell them about Veronica, one of the Whippety Pups, an exceptionally bright and loving little speckled girl.  She had me twisted round her little paws very quickly, and I was in love with her – in the way you can love a puppy, I mean.  I hadn’t intended taking the Whippety litter to Whiskers’n’Paws for another couple of weeks, but just had a feeling that this particular home might be just right for little Veronica.  The reply came back that yes, they were very interested and would like to meet the puppy, and when could that be arranged.  I suggested meeting at Whiskers’n’Paws on Sunday, but as it happened I was heading over to Horizon Plaza anyway in the afternoon if that suited.  To cut the story short, Veronica is now in her new home, and already very much loved.

The reason I was going to Horizon Plaza was because of the now very urgent need for proper shelter for the dogs at Tai Po.  I’d looked at some outdoor houses a few months ago, the type that are really supposed to be storage sheds, but dismissed them as being too expensive.  Now I had to bite the bullet and go ahead with getting a few.  A typhoon must surely be due before too long and the protection of the dogs is far more important than anything else.  So I paid for the four remaining units in stock and they will be delivered on Saturday, the day that we are holding our International Homeless Animal Day event at Tai Po.  I struck a deal with the store which included a good discount, free delivery and free assembly of one of the units, which would double as a demonstration for the volunteers (hint hint) who would then put together the other three.  So can I have a show of hands please for anyone willing to help with assembling the “dog houses” on Saturday?

Next stop after Horizon Plaza was to check out the progress of the mini Homing Centre, also on Ap Lei Chau.  It’s looking good, and it’s amazing what a change from black walls (to white) can do.  We’re anticipating a soft opening in about three weeks, and of course I’ll be announcing it right here.

It’s a very short and easy sampan ride from the waterfront at Ap Lei Chau (which is very close to the shop) to Aberdeen, my next port of call.  I needed to buy two very important things, one of which was a phone/broadband system for the Ap Lei Chau centre courtesy of Smartone.  If only it had been so easy at Tai Po.

That done, I picked up a handful of reading glasses from a street stall, my previous stock having been whittled down to just one pair thanks to the usual suspects.  They’ve demolished two pairs in just a few days this week.

Going back to my earlier remark about not every home being suitable for adoption, at HKDR we have a firm belief that every one of our dogs deserves a home that can offer not just food and shelter, but also companionship and exercise.  If you don’t have the time to walk a dog, you shouldn’t have one.  Many of our dogs come from just such homes, and we’re not going to put them back into one.  Dogs aren’t solitary animals, and they have legs that need to walk and brains that need to be stimulated.

Early this morning I sent a cargo of six puppies over to Whiskers’n’Paws where they were joined by thirteen children of varying ages for an educational two-hour session organised by LEAP Studio.  Mark, our resident trainer, did a great job, as did the puppies (of course!) and volunteers.  Thanks to Vada of Whiskers’n’Paws for providing such a great venue, and to everyone who took part.  If you’re interested in any of these educational programmes, we now have a team of volunteers who will be happy to help arrange.  Just send an email to


2 Responses to “Weds 18th August: A quick adoption”

  1. Sarra King Says:

    Hi Sally,

    If you need any help with the new homing centre please let me know, I have previously sent an email but have not heard anything back yet, I can’t get to Tai Po as often as I’d like so would love the opportunity to help out on the island instead,
    Kind Regards, Sarra

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