Tues 17th August: Newcomers at Tai Po

The five doglets finally made the move from Lamma to Tai Po, via AFCD for the two that didn’t already have their microchips and licenses.  As I’ve said before, this is probably harder for me than it is for them, as they will quickly adjust and start to enjoy the big new space they have without having any adult dogs to boss them around.  I’m the one who feels the guilt and stress of abandoning them, and I start to get anxious long before they actually leave.

Anyway, they’re now starting the next stage of their journey, and when I checked on them later in the afternoon they seemed to be hanging out OK with the other puppies.  For the volunteers (who I hope will stop by and say hello), there is Pie, a small black and white boy, Dapple, a larger black and white girl, Cara, a sweet black fluffy girl, Orla, another very sweet girl, light brown with a black nose, and Sylvester, a happy all-black boy.

No visit to AFCD would be complete without taking some new dogs, and today’s group included two impossibly cute and tiny black pups that had been picked up on Lantau by the dog catchers.  They have already gone to a foster home, thank goodness.  They’re so small I’m sure they won’t be any bigger than medium sized as adults.

For those who know Leila, a very sweet dog who came to us not long ago after having been caught on Cheung Chau, you will be interested to know that a dog I took today was actually her companion when they were both owned.  I was told this by someone who is part of a small dog rescue group that operate on the island, and it was she who told me about Leila when she heard I had taken her from AFCD, and the fact that there was also a male from the same home.  When he too was caught, the Chung Chau contact alerted me that he was now at the Pokfulam AFCD Centre and could I take him.  He’s a funny looking dog, very cute in my eyes as I really like the whiskery, wiry-haired look, and although he was very scared, of course, he was sweet and easy to handle.

When we arrived at Tai Po Leila was brought down to meet her old friend, and although it took a couple of minutes for it to dawn on them, she was soon kissing her mate and wagging her tail.  It was a very touching moment, and while he was less enthusiastic about his sniffing and checking, I’m sure it was only that he was still feeling quite anxious.  Once he has been checked and vaccinated he can join Leila in her enclosure, and they can become a pair again.

There was another dog at AFCD that had been there for a while.  He’s a very cute terrier type who was always bouncing up and down in his kennel when I went by, desperate to get some attention and be let out. He was microchipped, so I couldn’t take him out anyway until an owner had been traced – or not, as the case may be. It turned out that the dog did have an owner who said she would come and pick him up, but the days went by and he was still waiting.  I asked how long would they give an owner to collect a dog, and was told generally two weeks.  Yesterday I was told I could take him as no owner had ever turned up, so now we have a very cute and bouncy two-year old terrier type called Buttons in our Tai Po office.  I’m guessing he won’t stay with us for long.


2 Responses to “Tues 17th August: Newcomers at Tai Po”

  1. Christine Lomax Says:

    Dear Sally
    I am so sorry to let you know that Lilly has past away. After the last two month of fighting infection after infection, she finially stopped eating. She died in my arms being cubbled, while the vet let her go. She has lost so much weight and was suffering with cancer. My only regret is that she did not having longer with us.
    Regards Christine

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Christine,
      You were kind enough to take on two senior dogs knowing that they would only be with you for a short time, and I know you gave Lilly what was probably the happiest days of her life. That’s what matters, that she died knowing she was loved. Thank you for giving her that.

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