Mon 16th August: Aborted mission

Knowing that I had a follow-up (to last week’s) meeting at AFCD headquarters in Kowloon mid-afternoon, my initial plan to send five doglets to Tai Po had to be aborted.  Instead I thought it would be a good opportunity to take Melon (no longer a big fat Mama) to AFCD to be microchipped and licensed, as well as two other small Lamma dogs, Muji and Delia.  I’d discovered their licenses were due for renewal when I’d gone through all the Lamma dog files the other day.  The Pokfulam Animal Management Centre is close to my sampan drop-off point, so I knew it wouldn’t take too long to get an important job done.

Boxer boy Trump. As sweet as any dog could be

The sky started to darken just as I was getting onto the sampan, and I could see the rain and wind moving in across the Lamma channel.  I thought about turning back at that stage but hoped that the squall would pass as quickly as it had appeared, and made the decision to continue.  I got it wrong this time, and the rain was still coming down heavily when I arrived at the other end.  I waited only a few minutes for a taxi, the possibility of anyone stopping for three wet dogs and a human quickly becoming remote, and it was back to the sampan and home. With a full week ahead (including Saturday’s open house at Tai Po)I don’t know when I’ll have the time to try again, and I was really looking forward to putting Melon on the scales to see how much weight she’d lost apart from anything else.

Another new boy, a very cute beagle-terrier cross

The rest of the day was taken up with the travel to and from Kowloon and the AFCD meeting, which was called because not everyone, myself included, was too happy about the new policies.  There were some positive developments, but I’ll wait for confirmation of the proposals before spilling the beans.

Eric the basset hound enjoying a roll

Looking through the volunteer photos, there are some great shots of a few newcomers to Tai Po.  These dogs shouldn’t be homeless, they’re just too lovely.

Many of the projects now in the pipeline are nearing completion, including the Tribute Book 3 and the (very big) launch party, the 2011 Calendar and the 2011 Diary.  There are sponsorship opportunities for the Diary, and at a very reasonable price too.  If you or your company are interested in finding out more, just let me know or check our HKDR Facebook page for details (should be posted any minute).


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