Sun 15th August: 3 more days!

With the deadline for submissions for the 2011 block calendar upon us,  volunteer Yanki, who kindly agreed to handle the project, has been so snowed under with last-minute entries that we’ve had to extend the deadline for another three days to give everyone a chance to get their HKDR dogs included.  Those without an HKDR dog of their own can also sponsor one of the many Tai Po or Lamma dogs, and we can provide the photo.  I’m thrilled to know that many of the dogs that don’t normally get a mention will have their own page in the calendar.  There is no such thing as a dog that isn’t special.

We are over the three hundred mark now but there are still some dogs left that haven’t been sponsored, so please email Yanki at to make sure that every dog has its day. It’s only $295, and payment can be made via the website or by cheque (to the Aberdeen mailing address).

Look out for Joop in Discovery Bay, his new home

At Tai Po we finally, and very happily, said goodbye to poodle Joop, wondering what took so long?  And sweet rottweiler Tiffany was also a lucky and happy girl when she was chosen.

The first batch of new HKDR T-shirts has finally arrived and they’re now on sale at Tai Po and will be available from our on-line store very soon.  These T-shirts carry the various images of the fence at Pokfulam, and are a special souvenir range for those who miss and remember our old kennels. When the mini Homing Centre opens on Ap Lei Chau (won’t be long now), all of the HKDR merchandise will be available there, as well as dogs and puppies of course. Watch out out for more Fence products coming very soon.

The rain held off for yesterday’s puppy afternoon at Whiskers’n’Paws, and it was a busy time with lots of new potential adopters getting ready to take home a new family member, and many already-adopted pups coming back to play.    I’ve got so many gorgeous puppies at the moment that I have to admit I would find it hard to choose only one if I was looking to adopt.  I’m totally in love with the latest litter of Whippety Dog pups, although they aren’t ready for Whiskers’n’Paws yet.  They are so squeezably adorable, and I have one favourite girl that I can’t stop cuddling.

Tita's ears are pinned back in a submissive fashion

Of course there’s also the pointer (cross) litter, another totally beautiful group of sweethearts.  I now have a photo of Tita, the “auntie” that came to AFCD along with the babies, so at least I have a pretty good idea of final size of the puppies, a question I’m asked all the time.  Look at Bee, and her new friend in her new home.  Just gorgeous.

Little Bee and her new best friend


2 Responses to “Sun 15th August: 3 more days!”

  1. Angie Says:

    T- Shirts – WOW so excited to see the new t-shirts…I need new t-shirts as I wear about x 3 each day – hikin the dogs etc etc
    Signed T-shirt lover !!

  2. Marie Says:

    I absolutely love love love the idea of taking images from the old PFL fence!! fantastic idea 🙂 u know who will be wanting the stuff with those images on..! x

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