Sat 14th August: More dog stories

I took a trip down memory lane while going through all of the Lamma dog files today.  I was making a list of all the license expiry dates (don’t forget to do this, by the way) so I could be sure to get them updated and the dogs to AFCD to have their rabies shots (due every three years).  With every dog there was a reminder of when they first came and what their story was, but one stood out as her file was as thick as a book.

Stardust as a puppy

The first entry was dated 11th April 2007. Stardust was a lone puppy at AFCD, a tiny ball of black and white fluff.  I took her straight to a vet clinic where she was found to be so anaemic that I was told  she wouldn’t last the night, and did I want to have her euthanised.  She had a red blood count of 2.9 (normally in a healthy adult dog the PCV – packed cell volume – should be 37 – 55), with a white blood cell count (WBC) so low it was unreadable.  As the notes said: “Advised blood transfusion (emergency as already 7pm and still need to find a donor).  Sally elect to wait & see: if tomorrow still alive then do transfusion”.

Against all odds Stardust did make it through the night, and although it was a very long road to full recovery (which is why she wasn’t adopted) she’s still with me, now a very pretty (almost) border collie.  Unfortunately the treatment affected the enamel on her teeth so they’re an unattractive brown colour, but we can live with that.  I did introduce her to a couple of potential adopters at various times, but maybe because of the unconventional start to her life with endless vet visits and lack of socialisation, she’s not the friendliest of dogs with strangers.

Who could be so cruel as to leave this beautiful girl?

Just looking at Facebook now, which I do regularly as I have to update and also love to have a look at the photos that our volunteers take and post, I saw the story of one of our recent arrivals.  She came to us as Mui Mui and had been found tied to a picnic table, where she had been left without food and water.  Someone documented this on camera and her pictorial story, showing her throughout the night until she was eventually rescued. Click here to see Mui Mui’s story

Audrey and Ricky

Another photo from Facebook reminded me of Audrey’s story.  I was contacted by her now ex-owner saying that they wanted to giveup their one year-old dog, a golden retriever cross, because of her biting.  Asking some questions, as I always do, I found that the dog was never walked because she “could play at home”, in the 300 square feet apartment which was also occupied by five humans.  By my calculations that would leave a space about the size of a showbox for Audrey to “play” in.  The poor dog was just going stir crazy, so I said we’d take her.  When Audrey first arrived she really was crazy – pretty much unapproachable to be honest.  She trusted nobody and wouldn’t let anyone near her.  Giving her time and space to overcome her past was all that it took, and now Audrey loves affection and is always happy to greet visitors to her enclosure.


5 Responses to “Sat 14th August: More dog stories”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    As I understand, to vote for Tulip, please make sure you have to cast a total of 10 votes, one to Tulip and 9 to the other contestants. Just casting one vote may make it invalid.

    • Sally Says:

      Yes, it looks like that but it’s very strange because that means everyone will win!

      • Norma L Says:

        I do believe there will be 10 winners, hence the ten votes~

        Since it’s all in Chinese, some translation for the fields voters have to fill in at the bottom of the page.

        HKID no.
        Tel. no.
        email add.

        Anyway, finally some info on Audrey. Audrey is such a nice girl, and she loves people giving her tummy rubs!

  2. Kore Fung Says:

    There are total of 23 contestants for 10 winners. As such, requires us to cast 10 votes.

  3. chris Says:


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