Fri 13th August: Lucky for some

Gideon has grown into a long-legged and very beautiful doglet

Today was supposed to be an important one for five of the older Lamma puppies as they were due to make the big move to Tai Po.  Pie, Dapple, Orla, Gideon and Cara had their paperwork all ready and I had steeled myself to let them go, but as luck would have it the van was busy with other collections and deliveries so the plan was postponed until next week.  Actually I think they’ll enjoy their new home in the big puppy area at Tai Po, and they’re young enough to adapt quickly so it’s not so bad.

Avocado the bulldog went back to the vet to have her eyes checked after the operation on her eyelids, and all seemed fine.  She’s a sweetheart of a dog, very funny and affectionate, and with her weight down to only 19 kilos now she’s practically slim.

Joining Avocado on the vet trip were the two new Whippety Dog pups, Harvey and Nichols.  I had a bit of a panic when trying to identify them as they look exactly like their brother and sister who had arrived at AFCD a week earlier.  Initially I’d thought it would be easy to tell them apart as one lot was chubbier than the other, but now they are all equal sizes and it was only by a process of elimination that I could work out which were the two who hadn’t yet been vaccinated. 

It’s funny that within a litter there are so many different personalities.  One of the Whippeties, and the only who is speckled and not all black, is a real live wire.  She was always jumping up and down in the puppy pen begging to be taken out, so now I’ve relented and let her run free with the older puppies.  Finally she’s happy, even if she is a fraction of the size of her new friends.

Colin's suddenly a very popular boy, and about time too

Something else that’s funny but we see time and time again.  We can have a dog for ages with nobody showing any interest in adoption, then all of a sudden everyone wants it.  Today it was Colin, the young collie who had to have the end of his tail removed because of a very large growth on it (and presumably the reason he was abadoned).  He’s been with us for some time now, long enough for the tail to have completely healed and for the hair to have grown back, and there have really been no enquiries about him – until now.  He had just gone to a foster home, with a view to adoption, when two other potential adopters wanted to meet him.  Good for Colin, his time has obviously come.

Good too for Tracy, ex-partner and friend of golden retriever Trick, who was adopted a while back.  One of Colin’s would-be adopters chose her instead, so she has said her goodbyes to Tai Po and left for her new home.

Rafi, an adorable little guy

And finally, another gorgeous little guy who should have been snapped up long ago.  Raphael, or Rafi, will be joining a handsome young pom, adopted from us earlier, in his new home.  Rafi stole my heart the moment I met him, curled up and terrified in the corner of his AFCD kennel, and I am really thrilled that he has been adopted.


One Response to “Fri 13th August: Lucky for some”

  1. Steve C Says:

    Good for Tracy, she was very unsettled after Trick left.

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