Thurs 12th August: A lot of moving

Unlike yesterday it was a full-on day today, starting with another visit to Pokfulam AFCD where a microchipped Sheltie girl was finally released (owner couldn’t be traced), and a white mongrel doglet joined us at Tai Po. I was also going to take out some puppies, but on seeing that two of them had runny noses said I would wait.  With the new rules about microchipping every puppy taken out, and rabies vaccinating any over three months of age, I wasn’t prepared to spend money on puppies that may or may not survive.  These pups are borderline age, maybe just under the requisite age, and vaccinating sick puppies is definitely not a good idea.

In truth I’m not at all happy about AFCD’s new policies, but that’s a story for another day as discussions are still ongoing.  We’ll see what the outcome is now that another meeting has been called.

This is what it looks like, but it won't work.

I had already planned what I wanted to do at Tai Po, which included getting the new dog house sample assembled.  It turned out to be a pretty simple task which just involved slotting some pieces together and screwing them into place, but it’s a big no as far as ordering any more is concerned.  The wood is cheap and lightweight, and I doubt the house will last very long (although the factory insists it’s good for two years).  At least the dogs had a lot of fun playing with the cardboard wrapping, and no doubt when they’re bored with that they’ll start on the house itself.

This was the puppy area just after it was first cleared of undergrowth.The next job was to move the puppies from the swimming pool area into the enclosure behind the house, which is what it had orginally been intended for. We’d had to move all of the resident dogs out after the back wall had collapsed during the heavy rain so the workmen could repair the damage without interference, so it was a good opportunity to reclaim the area for the puppies.  I’ll be adding more of the older Lamma puppies tomorrow, those that have passed their Whiskers’n’Paws age.

That done, the dogs that had been evicted from the now-puppy area had to be moved from their temporary space in the playground to their new home.  With Nathan the German shepherd no longer occupying the top enclosure by the back gate, it made a perfect place for the doglets.  They were all piled into the van to be driven up the steep hill to the top entrance, and from there it was just a short walk to where they will stay until adopted.  From what I could see, they like it.

This area has now been sectioned off to make 3 big enclosures

Lovely Lox

Lox wasn’t included in that group, not being a doglet and not really enjoying the company of the “teenagers” either.  Before moving him to his new enclosure with some of the more senior dogs, I took him for a short walk outside and was reminded that the poor boy was fastidious about not dirtying his living space, and he peed about twenty times (at least), as well as having a poo.  He really needs to be taken out, and is so happy when it happens.  I hope that his new space, which is one of those with earth rather than marble tiles, will mean he’ll be more willing to relieve himself within the enclosure rather than holding everything in. Actually, what I really hope is that someone will give him a home.  I can guarantee he’s toilet trained, quiet and undemanding.

The final move of the day was for Maria’s puppies.  Maria herself moved to one of the swimming pool pens a couple of weeks ago, and with two vaccinations under their belts, the puppies are really ready for Whiskers’n’Paws and homes of their own.  They’re now on Lamma with me, though not for long I’m sure.  They are all very pretty pups.

By the time I left Tai Po it was already quite late, and it was nine o’clock by the time I reached Lamma.   Even so, I wasn’t the last to leave as Kathy and Alice were still busy and declined a lift with me in the van back to Hong Kong island, so I have no idea what time they got home.  I’m very grateful to have them as part of our small HKDR team, and want to say a big thank you to both.  Thank you Kathy, thank you Alice.

Finally some good news: a new dog-friendly area is being opened up on the waterfront promenade at North Point.  There will be a Grand Opening on Staurday 14th August at 12 noon, so if you live or are in the area please bring your dogs along to show we are very much in  need of more of these dog- friendly areas in Hong Kong.


5 Responses to “Thurs 12th August: A lot of moving”

  1. Steve C Says:

    Hurray about the dog area at North Point and not before time. It’s absurd how many parks and public spaces are “no dogs allowed”.

  2. Steve C Says:

    Actually do you have any more details on this new dog area? The Eastern Corridor expressway hogs the ‘coastline’ at North Point, is it further along at Tai Koo?

  3. Glory Siu Says:

    Hi Sally,

    Is this new Dog park a no leash one?

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