Weds 11th August: Sorting out

I had intended taking the bulldog Avocado to the SPCA clinic today for a follow-up to her entropian (eyelid) surgery, but there wasn’t an appointment available until late in the afternoon, and the same again tomorrow.  That doesn’t work for me so it’s going to be Friday instead.  It meant I had a whole day free for catching up and generally trying to sort out my desk which, thanks to marauding bandits, has everything piled up in a relatively safe heap at the back.  Ultimately I can see that only a steel desk with lock-up cabinets will guarantee that pens, paperwork and glasses won’t disappear.

I also spent a long time trying to find a phone that worked, even badly, as I have a drawer full of mobiles that have been semi-destroyed or have just stopped working.  By putting together various bits and pieces from the collection I thought I’d cracked it, only to find when answering a call that the person on the other end couldn’t hear me.  I’d been given a Samsung phone just the other day but for the life of me couldn’t work out how to use it or even where the phone charger went in.  There’s no hole (Doris, help!)

I also did some puppy re-arranging as I had reached the end of my patience with a couple of them who were living free upstairs.  They had both come back from different foster homes, and unlike the puppies that grow up with me on Lamma, neither are toilet trained.  Every time I had just cleaned up one pee or poo, another was produced and it was very frustrating.  The door to the balcony is always open so there was no reason for them not to go outside, but no, it just wasn’t getting through to them.  So that was it, they had to move out to the garden, and were exchanged for three others who, thankfully, are perfectly clean.

The two that moved to the garden have been screaming their protests, but it’s fallen of deaf ears.  I now have terrier Terry (adorable), funny Curls with his mop of curly hair, and Sesame, who is gradually losing his poodle-like coat.   (Just like my phone problem, I have a camera problem or I would be posting all of their photos.  I just can’t find the lead to charge the camera).


Even after a day away from Tai Po I find that I’m out of touch with what’s happening, and I didn’t know that we had a new pair of golden retrievers, both two years old and very lovely, or that huskies Storm and Joana had been adopted!  It’s fantastic when two dogs are homed at the same time, not just for us but for the dogs too.

Joana was pregnant when she arrived with only half one of her ears


5 Responses to “Weds 11th August: Sorting out”

  1. doris Says:

    Hi Sally,

    It’s not a round hole, it’s a flat one so pls try all the holes.:) I don’t quite remember but I think it’s either at the bottom of the phone or you need to open the flip before you can pluck it in. If it doesn’t work, I’ll meet you anytime in Aberdeen.

  2. Alison Says:

    wowiee Joana is soo beautiful ! She is the prettiest husky I’ve ever seen, such a kind face.

    Sally maybe you should have some sort of hanging organiser system for things like cables or a shelf so its all out of reach for the pups.

  3. Silvena Says:

    What’s the model number?
    I have a few spare chargers lying around inc. a Samsung one.
    If not, you can easily pick up a compatible charger in Aberdeen (go to one of the 2nd hand/repair shop) for 20-30 dollars.

    • Sally Says:

      Thanks, it was a false alarm as I found the correct charger after all! Now I just have to master a Samsung phone after only ever having used a Nokia.

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