Tues 10th August: A full shopping cart

While it was the second day of a big photo shoot at Tai Po today and the volunteers were out in force to help, I was doing what I do best – dog stuff.

I missed my routine Monday AFCD visit because of the meeting that took up the entire afternoon, so today was the post-weekend check.  As expected, there were more from the Whippety Dog litter, a boy and a girl, fat, sleek and very healthy.  I suppose they’ve been getting the full share of their mother’s milk with the others having been taken earlier.

In line with the AFCD’s new re-homing procedures, as advised at yesterday’s meeting, the puppies were microchipped although not rabies vaccinated.  In future every puppy taken from any AFCD centre, no matter how young, will be chipped, and if over three months of age rabies vaccinated too.  I have my opinions about the efficacy of puppy microchipping, as it’s already the law for pet shop puppies but it still makes no difference if the new ownership isn’t registered when a puppy is sold, or rabies vaccinated at five months, the legal requirement.  We take a lot of “pet shop-microchipped” dogs from AFCD, meaning that while the dog has been chipped, the owner is still untraceable.  It seems pet shops have no obligation to keep records or to advise AFCD about who bought the puppy, so what’s the point?

A microchipped basset hound that had been waiting for release for some time finally got the go-ahead today, and he was a very happy boy.  At five years old he’s still full of energy, and on arrival at Tai Po where he was temporarily put in the big playground with a load of youngsters waiting to be moved to a new enclosure (when the workmen finally finish putting up the house in there), he immediately started playing.  In my mind, this was an abandoned dog, but will the ex-owner will be prosecuted?  I very much doubt it.

Without wanting to offend anyone, a basset hound, being a low-slung kind of dog, really should be desexed at an early age.  Apart from being very unattractive (and ladies, I think we all agree on this?) it’s actually no joke when a dog’s penis is almost touching the ground (infections), or its testicles.   Of course Eric, the basset’s new name, will be desexed very soon, but one of the results of early desexing in a male is that the penis stays very small and I really think Eric would have appreciated this.

A really sweet little pomeranian boy had been surrendered by his owners, so he was another one added to my “shopping cart”, and then there was a medium sized mongrel girl, also microchipped, that I had reserved when she came in.  Actually I’d been alerted that the dog was at AFCD by one of our adopters at Bel Air, as she had seen the dog wandering around Cyberport, clearly an abandoned pet. 

I had a special feeling for this poor girl, nine years old and so much like one of my first Hong Kong dogs.  I almost felt that I knew her, and understood what she must be feeling as she went through the inevitable confusion of being taken from her kennel, vaccinated, put in a crate and driven off in a van.  In fact she was so stressed at being in the crate that I got her out and put her on the seat next to me, where for the duration of the drive to Tai Po I tried to imagine how my old dog (Midge) would have felt being in that situation. These Hong Kong mongrels are really something special, so wise and knowing, and I was happy that (now) Marina finally started to relax and even sat on my knee, pushing her head into my hand so I would stroke her.

After leaving AFCD I had to make one more stop before heading for Tai Po, and that was to collect Piers from his long-term foster home.  This is a very difficult time, for me, for the foster (in tears) and for Piers, of course.   He had no idea what was happening, or why, and he is such a sweet and gentle boy that arriving at Tai Po was a big shock for him.  Please, if you are thinking about getting a family dog think about Piers.  He is super-sweet, well-behaved, loving and kind.  He’s still young, really only just over a year old, so he will adapt and adjust very easily.


4 Responses to “Tues 10th August: A full shopping cart”

  1. Yuk Chi Says:

    Is there any more news on Q?

  2. India Says:

    Sally, Having seen Eric yesterday, I would have to agree that his “packages” are unattractive and must be wildly uncomfortable for him. Time for folks to realize, desexing is sexy.

  3. Yuk Chi Says:

    That’s good. She looks so lovely in that birthday picture. Hope she’ll be adopted soon.

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