Mon 9th August: Two lives end

I received two text messages while on my morning walk with the dogs, one saying the the schnauzer, Blondie, was in a bad way and the SPCA vet was asking for authorisation to euthanise, and the other to say that the German shepherd, Nathan, had collapsed and was being taken to the vet in Tai Po.  We knew that Nathan had heartworm but this doesn’t usually cause anything as dramatic as a total collapse, but when the vet called me and said that he was showing very little response and a recovery was unlikely, I had to let him go too.

So it wasn’t a great start to the day, losing two dogs one after the other, but such is life (and death) in the world of animal rescue.  Who knows what sort or terrible life poor Blondie had had before being brought to us, already very sick with pyometra and heartworm as well as being emaciated.   It’s likely that euthansia was really a welcome relief for her.

As for Nathan, apart from the heartworm infection he seemed to be in good health, but obviously not.

I was grateful to the striking bus drivers as I had to be at a meeting at AFCD headquarters in Cheung Sha Wan at 2.30pm, and as always I was rushing around at the last minute trying to get myself organised and running late. Because there were only a few buses on the road, the trip from Aberdeen to the Government Offices took only thirty minutes, an unbelievably short time, and I arrived on the dot of 2.30pm.

The meeting was between all of the NGOs who are authorised to take animals from the government’s four kennels, and the AFCD staff involved in the running of these Animal Management Centres.   After a short update on proposed new homing guidelines, there was an open discussion on how the policies and procedures could be improved, the aim being to try and get more animals re-homed and less destroyed.   I know there is a willingness and desire on the part of AFCD to reduce the numbers being killed, but there is always the bureaucratic governmental red tape to overcome before any real changes can be made.  The only solution is to stop the over-population at source, and that’s not going to happen easily.

I had said that I’d be going on to Tai Po after the meeting if there was time, but as it didn’t end until 6pm it was far too late.  I missed the first session of a photo shoot that’s taking place over two days, part of the big (and so far, secret) event that will be taking place in October.    I can tell you it’s all to do with the Tribute Book launch party, but that’s all.

As the final cut-off date for the 2011 Calendar is only a few days away there’s been a last minute flurry of entries and sponsorships, but there’s still time and spaces for those of you who would like your own HKDR dog to be featured, or to nominate one of the HKDR dogs at Tai Po or Lamma.  I’d almost completely forgotten about my own dogs, or rather the dogs that live with me, and have chosen Inky, Sandy, Murphy and Chippy to appear.  I love the thought that for a whole day next year, everyone who has the calendar sitting on their desks will be looking at photos of my special dogs!


3 Responses to “Mon 9th August: Two lives end”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    RIP Nathan and Blondie. It was a shock cause Nathan was so active and happy. Both must had had really bad lives and neglected before coming to us but at least their last days were in loving care :<

  2. Vic Says:

    So sorry to hear about Nathan. I spent an hour in his company when the weather was bad and we hid out in his kennel staying dry and I found him to be such an adorable big lad.

    Lets hope the suggested improvements to the status quo regarding the number of ill-cared for and over populated dog situation, can be put in motion.

  3. fatball Says:

    RIP Nathan and Blondie.

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