Sat 7th August: A sad tale

I’m not known for having a sympathetic ear when it come to dogs being surrendered, but there are always exceptions.  I got this email yesterday and was very touched and saddened when I read it.  Is there anyone who can take “Q” in?

“I am writing to request for your permission to accept “Q”, a 5-year old female dog, on behalf of her owner, Mr. Yeung.
“Q”  was adopted by her owner, Mr. Yeung, a 74-year old man, since she was
1-month old.  Mr. Yeung originally lives with “Q” in an old building in
Mongkok.  Recently, Mr. Yeung is forced to move away from this rented apartment and he has to transfer to a public housing flat where dog is not allowed. Though this old man loves “Q” so much, he has to give up his little girl unwillingly.

Is this Q enjoying her first birthday?

“Q” is a lovely girl and she was well looked after by Mr. Yeung for years.  She
was unsexed and she had necessary vaccinations.  She is obedience and is
well-trained.  For example, she knows to go to toilet by herself at an appointed place.  She learns to have her meal only when an order is given by her owner.
She is clever, too.  When the home telephone rings, she asks her owner to hear the phone.  She also asks her owner to shower at 8 p.m. every night.
During these few months, Mr. Yeung has tried very hard to look for a new owner for “Q”, but failed.  He has approached some kennels but when he knows that his little girl will be killed if she was not adopted after three months, he feels very hopeless.  This 74-year old man, who has heart disease, always worried about “Q”.  And when “Q” knows that she has to left (sic) Mr. Yeung, she is upset and does not want food.  Therefore, I sincerely hope that “Q” can be accepted by Hong Kong Dog Rescue.”

This girl was the one chosen today

I took three of the (nearly) pointer pups to Whiskers’n’Paws to day for an adoption interview.  All liver and white in colour, it was hard to choose one over another.  These puppies were quite clearly living in a home before they ended up at AFCD (long with their “auntie”) as they are so incredibly friendly.  Does anyone on Lamma, and Pak Kok Tsuen in particular, know their story?

I’m as curious as anyone when it comes to wondering about a dog or puppy’s background.  Of course many of the puppies that end up at AFCD are born to stray or semi-stray mothers, but there are those who come in as singletons and in such a condition that it’s most likely they have been taken care of before.  I took one such puppy, a very young black girl, last week and then got a call from a girl who said it was hers and she wanted it back.  I asked how come it was at AFCD, and she said it ran away (onto the beach at Shek O where it was picked up).  I asked that she send me an email (so I could send her a questionnaire), but I never received one.  At least I have an idea about this puppy and her background now.


2 Responses to “Sat 7th August: A sad tale”

  1. kandy Says:

    There are two subjects in Q’s case, and they are the life and also the right of both “other being” and “senior citizen” in our city. Our city is not friendly to either senior citizens or other beings, so it is commendable that Mr. Yeung has Q and Q has Mr. Yeung. Because of Mr. Yeung, Q was rescued and good cared, and because of Q, Mr. Yeung got “someone” who acts not only as a good companion, but also a good guardian. Both of them had solved problems which supposed to deal by the whole community through their harmony relationship, so it is ridiculous in producing the city one more abandon dog and lonesome senior by breaking them up due to “policy”. Apart from this, the law gives people who had dogs before the new public housing policy the allowance of keeping their dogs. Although Mr. Yeung’s actual situation is a bit different, the nature behind is same. In viewing Q and Mr. Yeung’s situation, I suggest that Mr. Yeung fight for the permission of keeping Q base on the above reasons through the help of SWD, and it will be more efficient in contacting SWD through NGO. Hope the above suggestion can help, and I can gather and provide information when needed, please feel free to contact me. Thanks!

  2. Doron Says:

    I hope that the person taking Q in will visit Mr Yeung from time to time so that he can still see his dog. It’s quit sad to hear a story about a man and his companion are forced to be separate.

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