Fri 6th August: 2 phones, 2 bulldogs

Puppy Girl during her Whiskers'n'Paws days

For some unknown reason there are days when the dogs decide to pick on one of the pack to play the fox while they play the hounds.  This happens on the morning walk and I have no idea what triggers it, or why, or how it’s decided which unlucky dog will be the “fox” that day.  This morning it was Puppy Girl, a doglet who never got a proper name and is now stuck with what she was called as a baby.  She’s always been an outgoing and confident puppy, too confident really.  On Sundays at Whiskers’n’Paws she would happily introduce herself to anyone and everyone, assuming that people liked a pushy pup.  Sadly they didn’t, and now she’s past the magic age and well into her “teens”.

Anyway, today Puppy Girl was nominated as the fox and while she ran, the others chased.  Usually it ends fairly quickly, sometimes with my intervention and other times just when the game gets boring or the dogs are distracted by a low-flying bird or something, but today Puppy Girl panicked and swam out into the lake – and didn’t stop.   With the rest of the dogs watching, I waded into the lake after Puppy Girl calling her back,  completely forgetting that my phone was in a bag round my waist.  Result, one drowned phone.  Puppy Girl was fine,  of course, and I don’t know why I felt the need to follow her into the water when I should just have left her to come out by herself.

Some time ago I had been given a spare phone by one of the volunteers, and because I was making a habit of losing mine it came with the words “Don’t lose this one!”  I had been so afraid of doing just that this I had never used it, but kept it as an emergency replacement, just what I needed today.  Of course with every new phone there’s the tedious input of numbers required, but at least I had something to take and make calls on. 

Two of the bulldog girls on Lamma, Pear and Avocado, had gone to be desexed in the morning, and the vet called me (lucky I had my replacement phone) to say that Avocado also had entropian (turning-in eyelids) which were causing problems, and did I want them fixed.  Of course I said yes.

I was also grateful for my phone when very last-minute changes were made to the days’s plans, just as I was about to get on the sampan.   I still had to make the crossing as I had another appointment in Central, and from there I carried on to SPCA in Wanchai to collect the two (still very dopey) bulldogs.  As I’m sure everyone knows, I’m no fan of “mutant” breeds, but I have to admit that these bulldogs make me laugh.   They look ridiculous, but they are very sweet and funny in their own lumbering kind of way. 

Pear and Avocado are now half the size they were when they first arrived

I was thinking on the sampan going back to Lamma that Pear and Avocado must be wondering where the babies were, as every previous time that they had had their stomachs opened (bulldogs need Caesarians) it has meant more puppies to feed.  Never again, girls, never again.

Back home I got a call from a friend and we chatted for a while, and I told her about having drowned my phone and that I was now using the one that I had been afraid to use for so long, adding that I would no doubt lose it within a very short time.  Conversation over, I went out into the garden for a few minutes (to give the puppies some banana leaves to play with, which they love) and went inside to find one of the dogs happily munching on the phone, the casing already completely destroyed and only the SIM card still in one usable piece.  Sorry, Susan, the phone was obviously never meant to be mine.

I love looking at the photos on Facebook that volunteers have taken at Tai Po.  This is my favourite today:

Two wonderful dogs, Oscar and Ludo


4 Responses to “Fri 6th August: 2 phones, 2 bulldogs”

  1. Susan Says:

    Sally, we need to start a campaign pledging for second-hand phones to make sure you have enough reserve to survive all these “accidents”! 😛

  2. Manuela Ribeiro Says:

    Hi Sally, I am sorry but I have to say the news about your “munched” phone made me really laugh! I know how these guys can be devilish I had the same experience with quite expensive Chinese wood furniture and shoes.

  3. V&P Says:

    @Susan. Good idea!

    Also, just to share, our dog rescue friends in CA collects old cell phones to raise funds for the dogs. Something for your fund-raising team to think about.

  4. Doris Says:


    Not only do you need more 2nd hand phones, but also a bedside cabinet to chuck all these daily necessities inside. I’ll reserve 2 for you before I leave. Can’t say these angels can be develish at times. My Piers chewed one leg of each of my antique furniture. What can I do except to say that he’s got good taste. 🙂

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