Mon 2nd August: Puppies and more puppies

One of the hardest things that I have to do is to make the decisions about which dogs I can take from AFCD, or the many emails I get every day from people wanting to hand their dogs over to HKDR.  Today was no different, and as usual the emails are without any information other than “will you take my dog(s)”.  One included “My relatives are moving to the UK next week and are leaving their two dogs behind”.   Another said his sister had picked the family dog up and thrown it against the wall (this was a bit different from the usual story, but still there was no information given about the dog itself).  We can’t be an easy option for every person who wants to abandon their dogs, but the dogs are the ones who suffer in the end and they have done nothing wrong.  No dog would ever abandon its master no matter how bad, cruel or thoughtless that person was, yet people abandon their dogs with such ease it makes me want to scream (which I often do).

I’m facing another difficult situation with the puppies that were born at AFCD on July 5th, the day after the mother was brought in by the dog catchers.   I have been allowed to keep mother and pups there together, but now the time has come for the pups to be taken and sent to foster homes.  It’s far too early to be ideal, but we don’t have the luxury of ideals in this line of work.  The best I can do is insist that the pups be fostered at least in pairs,  and today the last three will leave their mother.  She is a wild dog and it’s highly unlikely that I will be able to take her too.  It’s a deeply distressing situation and the only consolation I have is that her babies will live and find homes.  I saw them first as squirming newborns, just a few hours old, and now they are furry little toddlers.

There’s another dog at AFCD, a pretty black and white speckled girl, also shy but not wild.  I have been waiting for her to get used to her environment and people before taking her out (to save the huge stress and struggle of taking her while she was still very scared), and today I noticed that she was also pregnant.  Now her case is super urgent and I’ll take her tomorrow and get her straight to a vet for desexing.  The summer time is high season for puppies to be born and must be thousands, I’m sure, that will never see adulthood.

Taking whole litters of puppies is always difficult.  Apart from having to suddenly find space for a whole group of them, if they’re not adopted when young and cute they grow into another four, six, eight more adults.  It’s a scary prospect, and a real one too.  Just recently I’ve taken in a litter of nine (the sports puppies, as in Hockey, Rugby, Soccer etc), and the eight pointer pups.  That’s seventeen in just two groups.  Luckily I’m already down to four sports puppies, and I know the pointers will find homes fairly easily, but there are still many more and no, I can’t keep taking in the cuties that are found here, there and everywhere.


4 Responses to “Mon 2nd August: Puppies and more puppies”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    Sally, if the wild mother is not aggressive, young and in general good health and possibly be rehomeable, can we take her in. I understand we cannot save each and every, but just like to give her a chance, if she is pure breed, the answer would be easier. I am willing to sponsor her monthly food and desex cost.

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Helen,
      The pregnant dog that is shy but not aggressive is a dog that can be rehabilitated, but the mother dog isn’t approachable. She will never be homeable, but I will always give a dog the best chance I can. If she came to Tai Po she would escape for sure.

  2. Karen S Says:

    Hi there,

    This story breaks my heart. I have a bulldog already. As the lady says above if the dogs are sociable and will not be aggressive towards my dog If I can help by fostering one of them, then please email me.

    I have already left a message on your answer phone with my telephone number.

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