Sun 1st August: A few stories

These puppies are so gorgeous I just want to eat them

After last Sunday’s amazing adoption result at Whiskers’n’Paws I was all geared up for a repeat performance, and was looking forward to clearing some space for other puppies to move in.  I should know by now not to try and second guess fate, because it turned out to be a very long and lazy afternoon, despite the fact that I had brought two of the pointer pups for their first outing.  Boy, are they gorgeous, and out of all of the youngsters there today, it was only one of this pair that left for a new home.

There was a totally unexpected result at Tai Po to compensate for the lack of action at Horizon Plaza though.  A dog that we all thought would never stand a chance of a home surprised us all by behaving like a perfect sweetheart with a family of  potential adopters, while nobody else has been able to get near her (only Hing, our van driver was accepted).

Rumi, looking old before her time

I found Rumi at AFCD in Pokfulam where she had been surrendered.  She was only two years old but looked so much older because of her obesity.  She was also terrified, and snapped and snarled when I went into her kennel to see her.  I took her anyway, thinking that she was a young dog and she would soon settle and lose her fear.  She spent the first couple of weeks hiding in the “cave” under the steps in front of the  house at Tai Po, and to be honest I completely forgot she was even there.  Finally she ventured out, but only Hing was able to get near her.  She hid behind one of the large chairs before graduating to sleeping on one of them, but she warned everyone to keep their distance.

I wondered what on earth had happened to this poor dog to make her the way she was.  Shelties are usually very sweet natured, and I had never seen one like this before.  Then one day I got a call from Quene, one of the adoption team at Tai Po.  She said Rumi’s ex-family were there and wanted her back.   The story was that the mother and daughter had gone to Australia for a month to visit the son, and while they were away the father surrendered the dog to AFCD.  This all sounded a bit strange to me, and I wasn’t happy with the explanation especially since they had failed to even recognise their dog when they arrived and thought one of the other Shelties was Rumi, asking “why is she so thin?”  Then I got a call from the son in Australia, and I asked him how come Rumi was so fat (obese actually), and why was she so terrified of people?  He said no, that wasn’t the case, she was fit and active and was very friendly.  I then asked when was the last time he had seen Rumi and he said two years ago, so when she was a puppy.  That sealed it for me.  Rumi had changed from a happy and normal Sheltie to this cringing and fearful animal who had been handed over to AFCD for some still unknown reason.  I said no.  They were not getting the dog back.

So now Rumi is with another family, and quite why she suddenly decided that they were “the ones” is beyond me.  Anyway let’s hope this story has a very happy final ending and we don’t see Rumi again.

Melon takes a cooling dip

Another dog who’s doing very well is Big Mama Melon, the sumo-esque bulldog.  She’s been losing weight and is starting to run around, and has now taken to jumping in the splash pool that was put out especially for the bulldogs so they could keep cool.

This aspect of working in dog rescue is hugely rewarding, seeing dogs’ lives change, whether physically, emotionally or both. 

Raphael's coat has almost fully grown back, and he is the sweetest little dog

Little Raphael is another one, an eight month old puppy that was almost certainly destined for the pink injection until I saw him at Kowloon AFCD and asked if I could have him.  He was hiding in a corner of his kennel, with half of his coat missing and with a spotty rash all over his bald hindquarters.  I didn’t realise he was still a baby at that stage, but I’m just so pleased that I stopped to have a look.  His skin problem was only a bacterial infection which quickly healed with antibiotics, and he is the sweetest little dog who is doing so well in his foster home.  I don’t know what his mix is, maybe shih tzu and Japanese spitz, but that doesn’t matter at all.  What matters is that he is alive, well, and with a long and happy life ahead of him I’m sure.

Just in from Alice, a list of adoptions in July.  Not bad for a traditionally slow month:

TaiPo: 19

Impi (pom)

Amber (golden retriever)

Smartie (husky)

Sausage (dachshund cross)

Buckle (pug)

Dexter (schnauzer)

Cola (sheltie)

Lily (terrier)

Lotus (shih tzu)

Suki (shih tzu)

Bluebell (beagle)

Dimple (mixed breed – yay!)

Banana (bulldog)

Apricot (bulldog)

Papaya & Puppy (bulldog)

Tai Tai (mixed breed – yay!)

Finn (sheltie)

Trick (golden retriever)

Wonton (golden retriever)

WnP: 10 (all mixed breeds except Butter)

Butter (GR Puppy)




Plus 6 more puppies homed on July 25

Ex-Foster: 11

Barney (chihuahua)

Dandy (dachshund cross)

Queenie (pug)

Jai Jai (chihuahua)

Tiny (Yorkie)

Amelia (peke-ish)

Linus (mixed breed – yay!)

Snowy  (maltese)

Asia (mixed breed – yay!)

Sprig (mixed breed – yay!)

Snuggle (pug)

Chilli (chihuahua)


George (shih tzu cross)

Lamma: 2

Rocco (mixed breed – yay!)

Frisbee (French bulldog)


6 Responses to “Sun 1st August: A few stories”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    So so happy for Rumi. She picked her new family – good girl! and Yay, more mixed breed adoptions please they are as good, if not better.

  2. Jesslyn Says:

    So happy for shy Dimple! It’s so strange that most of the Lamma pups of his batch (including Trilby, Zeb, Ticket, Maddie, Judith, Samuel, Wilson etc.) are so shy! What’s even more strange is that the shyest of them finds their home the quickest. I remember that the shyest of the batch was Dylan, and he did found his home after moving to the PFL kennels for less than a month! Then it is Bilbo, Lucille, Amanda and now Dimple! This batch is all very very sweet yet a bit shy, which might caused potential adopters to choose others. Really hope that all of them can find their forever home soon. They deserved it!

  3. Alicia Too Says:

    Hi Sally
    May I know where you got the plastic splash pool? Is it on-line order and how much is it?
    Thank you

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Alicia,
      I was lucky to get this from Whiskers’n’Paws when it was no longer required there, but it comes from the US. I’m told it’s not too expensive to buy but the shipping costs a lot as it’s large and rigid so can’t be packed down. I think the small pools like we have at Tai Po are probably just as much fun for the dogs, and certainly a lot cheaper!

  4. Alison Says:

    Wow ! That is amazing, I always wondered how HKDR coped with the amount of dogs they rescued as it seemed like more came in then got adopted (reading the blog anyway).

    Is this about the same amount every month on average?

  5. Jackie Says:

    Sally, thank you so much for not letting Rumi ex-owner to take her back. yes sometimes these poor friends need HUMANs to protect them and if you do not act on their behalf what will happen to them? And in fact without you Rumi shoudl have been put to sleep weeks ago. So Sally please continue her good work you have been doing for all our 4-leg friends!

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