Fri 30th July: More puppy photos

Pear and Avocado, joined at the hip

Two of the bulldogs staying on Lamma had to go to AFCD in Pokfulam to have their rabies shots and licenses updated today.  When we first got the dogs from the breeder and were completely overwhelmed, I said that I could take three of them and to send me the least homeable.  Big Mama Melon was admittedly not going to be the most attractive to any adopter, but Pear and Avocado are really the funniest and sweetest bulldogs you could hope to meet.  They are inseparable, probably more than any two dogs I’ve seen before, and they’re like a comedy act. Stuck like glue, they eat, sleep and play together and if one sits down, the other sits on top.  Even on the sampan, while I was really worried about them overheating, they just couldn’t stop.  Arriving at the pick up point, I walked them down the steps into the sea for a cooling dip before they got into the van, and they loved it.  In fact they seem to love everything, including the van ride.  Surely someone will want to give these lovely sisters a home together?

Not quite as keen on either the sampan or the van ride, it was time for two doglets to make the move from Lamma to Tai Po, via AFCD for their microchipping and licensing.  Leon and Lewis, two very sweet brothers, had been going to Whiskers’n’Paws since they were very small but were never chosen.  Most times it’s really just luck as to whether a puppy is adopted or not at the very young and cute stage.  It’s hard to know exactly how they will be when grown, and the attraction is mostly impossible to define. The obviously cuter pups will go quickly simply because of their looks, but with the others it’s really chance.  At least by the time I left Tai Po the two boys were playing very happily in the play area, having discovered the many rubber duckies that were lying around just waiting to be chewed and squeaked.

Sweet Zoe

May, one of our regular volunteers at Tai Po, alerted me to the fact that one of the doglets in the enclosure at the back of the house was being bullied by all of the others in there.  Zoe arrived with her brother Noggin, and she was always a shy girl.  I had hoped she would come out of her shell, but her timid demeanour just attracted trouble.  Puppies, like young human children, are really quite merciless, and there’s no sense of fair play or kindness in the playground.  Even the doglets that I would say were very sweet joined in the bullying game, and trying to catch poor Zoe was like trying to catch a wild animal.  Both May and I were in a full sweat by the time Zoe was finally moved to the safety of the house and the small dogs.


By popular demand, more puppy photos ……



11 Responses to “Fri 30th July: More puppy photos”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    that’s so adorable of these two sisters…totally reminds me of samba and burma’s way of living!!!

  2. Sarra King Says:

    Do you have any puppy photo’s of Amanda Sally?

  3. Paula Says:

    Hi Sally,

    I have pics of Crumble as a baby, but do you have any of Max (Jacob, when I took him from Lamma)?


  4. Bart Says:

    Hi there Sally

    What do Leon and Lewis look like please?

  5. Marie Says:

    Pringle.. sooo cute !!! thank you :):) xxx

  6. Marie Says:

    not that Scrappy? or is it Cheeky or Elvis…?

    • Sally Says:

      For some reason I can’t post photos together with them merging, so the photo of Scrappy disappeared and the name moved over to join Cheeky’s. Very annoying!

  7. Marie Says:

    oh I see… haha! I thought you were describing Scrappy as cheeky…

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