Thurs 29th July: Finally a new flyer

We’ve been working on a new flyer for such a long time and it’s finally ready for printing.  The initial hold-up was that we didn’t know what our new address would be when we left Pokfulam, and then it was other issues including agreeing on the colour and the photos, but here we are:New 2010 HKDR flyer

I put on my (imaginary)  builder’s hat today for some physical work at Tai Po today.  The pens at the side of the swimming pool have been a problem with trying to make them rain proof, so instead of covering the entire pens I used the spare sheets of corrugated plastic roofing to cover the crates themselves.  Hopefully the puppies in the one enclosure and the dogs in the other can stay dry now.  I have to apologise to anyone standing nearby for the (blue) yelling as I was being attacked by sharp puppy teeth while trying to fix the sheeting in place.  My legs, bare from the knee down, were being used as chew toys and it hurt!

This is the basic style for the proposed dog houses but they will be double ones

The last few sheets of roofing were moved up to the husky area, and now that’s it for shelter until the sample dog house arrives.  At least the weather is supposed to be improving, at least for a while, maybe long enough to get some more dog houses installed.

Someone also sent me the link for these car shelters and they look pretty good.  If we put these up over the dog houses then I think we’ll have cracked the problem.

I wonder if these will be typhoon proof?

There was some great news when I got a call to say that Hercules will be picked up on Monday to start the first part of his new life in California.  He’ll be moving to an air-conditioned private kennel, which I’m sure will help his general condition.  Actually he seems to be doing OK now, and all of his tests haven’t come up with anything obviously wrong.  He’s had ultrasound and X-rays, and enough blood taken to drain a small dog dry.

Here are some more puppy photos:

Baby Ludo

Baby Jimbo


14 Responses to “Thurs 29th July: Finally a new flyer”

  1. Stella Says:

    Dear Sally,
    How adorable all the puppy pictures of our grown-ups in the kennel! Do you have puppy ‘Dusty’ picture? I would appriciate if you keep posting puppy picures if it’s not too much trouble for you.

    • Sally Says:

      Stella, Dusty would look just like all the other black fluffy puppies as a baby. It’s very hard to tell one from another! But I can keep posting the photos, no problem.

  2. Christine Chan Says:

    Sally, hope is on earth. Although I suppose Hercules’ case is not optimistic, he’s got some one to take care now. It’s so encouraging.

  3. FOSTER Says:

    Sally, I just love the new flyer!

    Simple but precise content, excellent layout and catchy pictures!

  4. Yolanda Says:

    Wow, great news to Hercules. We worry him that much few days ago with the news of lossing weight and high white cell count and now today….just a fantastic news. He is such a timid and great boy. Await to see his big smile later. Cheers!!!!!

  5. Kathryn Says:

    The new flyer looks great!

    Do you have any pictures of Amber (Slipper) as a baby pup? She is as big as Alicia now and absolutely gorgeous!! Such a good girl as well.

  6. Helen Y Says:

    The flyer is great, precise, simple and brings out the message. The dogs are lovely too. Just one suggestion, on the first paragraph about numbers of dogs killed, in Chinese it says “by the thousand”, it may also be figured as “by the ten thousands” in Chinese to create a bigger impact, afterall, over twenty thousand were killed each year.

  7. Jesslyn Says:

    Kathryn: I’ve got two pics of a pup in WnP that has some features match with Slipper, not sure if it is her or not, but you might want to take a look:

  8. Sonia Says:

    Hi Sally, I wonder if you have any baby photos of Samba and Burma? They are adorable now so I am sure they were very cute when they were pups!

  9. Deb Debes Says:

    Any puppy photos of Stella? Hard to believe she is 15 months old now. Love the cute pic of Jimbo, so sweet and funny looking. Darling boy.

  10. Silvena Says:

    Polycarbonate sheets have good impact resistance and a relatively low coefficient of friction, at the right grade and thickness (8mm or above) they should be able to withstand any ordinary typhoon.

  11. Kathryn Says:

    Jesslyn thats her!! Thanks so much! So cute 🙂

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