Tues 27th July: Return of the Whippety Dogs

An earlier version with a variation on the usual floppy ears. Veronica is the same black and white dapple colour

I picked up three puppies from AFCD today.  I recognised them immediately as Whippety Dogs, and they must be about the sixth such litter that have passed through our doors.  Two of the group aren’t typically whippety, and  look more like the litter that included Tinker, Tailor, Sailor and Miller.  They don’t have the very flat coat of a true whippety, while the third one, a girl, is unmistakeable.  She is dappled black and white,  and ticks all the whippety boxes.   Somewhere in the Aberdeen area there’s someone who has a dog, or dogs, that are producing litters on a regular basis.  The pups are all super friendly so aren’t living wild.  As much as I love this “breed”, I wish the poor mother dogs could be desexed.

Miller,as a puppy. Chris and Nicola look like this.

En route to the vet for their final vaccinations, I took a group of Lamma puppies to AFCD for microchipping and rabies shots.  I was actually there to collect the whippeties, but thought since the older pups were in the van anyway I might as well get it done.  So Bossy, Bessie, Orla and Cara are now official, and have a full set of documents to prove it.

Bossy's 5 months old now, and a soppy, loving puppy

Next stop Tin Hau for the vaccinations, and the whippety puppies got their first jabs too.  Stuck for names on the spot, they are now Chris, Nicola and Veronica, and you can guess which clinic I was at!

Then on to SPCA in Wanchai to pick up Hercules.  The poor boy had been there for days undergoing a barrage of tests, none of which proved anything conclusive.  So now he’s back at Tai Po and on a special diet to try and get his weight back up.  I have to say his skin is looking much better than when he first came to us, and he is such a wonderful dog I hope he gets through this OK.

When I set off from Lamma my plans had been to go to Tai Po via AFCD, but by the time all of the (last minute) diversions had ended, it was too late in the day to be worth it.

Update on the bulldogs story:  we urgently need a foster home for one of the bulldogs who was found to have screw worm maggots around the base of her tail.  They have all been removed but the wound is open and has a drain in it. She was also bitten by one of the other bulldogs on the day that they arrived and were so stressed that there were a few scuffles, and that wound has also been treated.  Pom(egranate) has to be in a home and indoors, so please contact Maria at foster@hongkongdogrescue.com if you can offer a safe place for Pom to heal.  This is urgent.

When I’m looking for photos to add to this blog, I have hundreds of memories to go through.  There are so many photos of our dogs as puppies, most of whom started out with me on Lamma before moving to Pokfulam and then Tai Po.  Here are a couple, but if you want to see more give me some names and I’ll see if I can find the photos:

Lottie and Emily came from a shelter in Lau Fau Shan.Ludo (skin looks a bit shabby here)


10 Responses to “Tues 27th July: Return of the Whippety Dogs”

  1. Helen Y Says:

    It would be wonderful if there is a photo of Donovan as a pup on Lamma, since we adopted him as a young adult, we miss his puppy days. We love him very much and it would be nice to know how cute he was.

  2. Linda Says:

    The three sisters Lottie, Emily and Natalie came from LFS shelter as puppies. Time flies. Now they are all beautiful ladies, real sweethearts. Emily and Natalie have found home and Lottie’s turn will come soon, I hope.
    Sally, someone would like to sponsor Emily for the calendar and looking for a puppy pic of her. Do you have one? 😀

  3. Roni Says:

    Hi Sally,
    I wanna see the pics of Oscar and Jimbo when they were puppies.
    They must be super cute!!

  4. Alex Says:

    I’d love to see a photo of Rollo as a pup!

  5. Jesslyn Says:

    do you have Teddy(multibreed adopted)’s puppy photos?

  6. Karen W Says:

    Hi Sally,

    I would love to see the photo of Fuzzy as a puppy with her brothers. Wasn’t it used as a christmas card? You did show me it a few years ago and i would love to see it again. Thanks.

  7. jc Says:

    I would love to see photos of Winona as a puppy. thanks

  8. Deb Debes Says:

    Helen Y – you have Donovan? I have Stella his sister. Want to do a reunion some time? Stella is very sociable and loves to play and Donovan likes to play too so I think they”d have great fun together. So glad Donovan has gone to a good home. The cleaners at HKDR told me they used to cuddle up together to sleep each night. I go to Yau Tsim Mong Dog Park in Jordan (all nice dogs).

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